I have been thinking about planters.  Flower planters.   Flower boxes.

I did find a wood worker who could make them.  But, I’m on a budget and I wasn’t ready to pull that trigger.

So then I decided to go onto Craigslist and I found this ad:

HMMMMMMMM…. could this work?! – So I went out there.

First of all, the drive was beautiful.  He was in Paso Robles, but in a part that is hardly driven.  Gorgeous.

I kept trying to figure out if I could get my horse trailer out there… where to park it…

Anyway, the directions took me to the exact end of where my non-4WD truck would take me.  And there he was.  A recyling angel.

I asked “Dave” how he came to have all of these wood crates all the time.  He told me that he just happened to have lunch across the street when this warehouse was offloading all of these crates to take to the landfill.


So Dave made a deal with them that he’d bring them home and sell them on Craigslist for $5 or $10.  Dave picks them all up, drives them home, makes ads, meets people and loads these big crates… for $5 each.


This is my haul.

THIS IS WHAT I’M THINKING… Paint them white?…

I am creating a new area for Norma and Dodger (the little ones).  So I thought one of these could be a feeder.  We will see if it holds up, but I think it will for the little guys.  it will be under cover.

I thought I could use this one as a feeder in the new area for Dodger and Norma.

I thought I could paint these guys white and plant them as flower beds in front our our bedroom windows.

I wanted flower beds here… I could paint these white.

Hubby didn’t like this one. I loved it. Very rustic. But, Hubby just left it here so I need to find it a home!


I dug around and planted flowers and the redbud tree!

Gerber Daisies are my fav.

The Western Redbud. Grow Western Redbud, grow! I need to purchase some worms.

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Thank you!

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