Barbara cannot have her surgery until she is 6 months old.  So, in preparation, Allen Pogue is training her to lead by her neck.  Very smart…

Below is a note from Allen as well as a few photos!  Enjoy!

From Allen Pogue (Barbara’s trainer)

Here is a photo taken yesterday. Sue made a neck collar out of a latigo rein, The idea is to get Barbara used to following or being guided with som ething other than a standard halter.
Yet she still has to be under control.
After the operation she will be in a strange place, handled by strangers ( that probably will not be skilled foal handlers) .. predictably she will be uncomfortable and yet she may have to be moved from stall to exam room, maybe xray room, who knows. but in any case using a standard halter is out of the question, because it would put stress or pressure on her nose..   so we have begun using just a neck collar .. she leads quite well with a halter .. this afternoon Sue is going to take her to the big arena that has a multi- level ‘agility’ platform.. this will be something new to her and so we expect her to resist, or at least be reluctant.. so by working through a new challenge we will learn more about her way of dealing with the situation   …and we can adjust our training as needed..

I am leaning toward either getting a CM Foal training harness or make one ourselves .. This is a simple breeching strap and surcingle .. the ‘ tugs’ from the breeching strap can be run forward through the surcingle then through the neck collar and thus we will have a way to encourage forward movement and prevent pulling back.
I will get some more interesting pics later this afternoon..
Thanks for checking in.

Getting the hang of it…

Watching what the big horses do…!

A girl and her trainer…

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  1. Steph King

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    Bromelain is good too.
    Naturally Chondroitin is amazing. I can hardly move without it…
    Gelatin is another natural ingredient that is great for the joints… you can just even throw some unflavored gelatin into the shake as well. I prefer the pills, easier… but gelatin is one of those old fashioned fixes that I first heard about from a veterinarian.

    Oh, and one more weird thing… drinking a few drops of H2O2 in a glass of filtered water is good too… adding oxygen to the blood is never a bad thing, it’s a cleansing thing. It tastes disgusting, and you have to be very careful with it, you can only ingest it on an empty stomach and it must be heavily diluted with the filtered water, only take a few drops in it. Never drink more than a few drops with water. You do NOT drink it straight, you would burn your mouth and everything else on the way down, but you can soak in it diluted as well and absorb the oxygen through the skin. I absolutely hate this stuff… tastes so gross, but it helps.

    I do not have Lyme Disease, but I have old joint and bone injuries as well as age related arthritis and all of the above have been helpful in keeping me functional. Maybe it can be helpful for you or others.

  2. Steph King

    I’d like to share two things that work for us:

    Oregano Oil pills keep me from having respiratory illnesses, really works against colds. The actual oil is good too, a tablespoon. I buy at the vitamin store.

    Have you heard of the Buddig Diet? It has helped my husband and I. It helps the immune system and it’s very simple – I make a shake every morning for us (been doing it for years) 1 cup low fat organic cottage cheese plus 1-3 tablespoons of organic flax oil. (Trader Joe has both and the frozen stuff too) I put it with a shake mix (Diet Direct has a strawberry pudding/shake mix that is good), frozen cherries, frozen blueberries and a banana for taste. It gets boring morning after morning, but I was experiencing some degenerative problems in the bones in my neck/spine (that my mother had experienced at this same age to the degree that she had to have bone taken from her hip and put into her neck to replace bone loss there) and the degenerative problem went away when I got on the Buddig Diet. Did not expect that. Was experiencing severe cracking and I thought I was on that road… disappeared after several months of Buddig and has not come back. No injury there either. Don’t know if this is good for you since you don’t have milk products, but there is something about cottage cheese that is different from regular dairy, I guess. It is the combination of these two ingredients that makes a difference. You can Google the Buddig Diet for it’s history.

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