An update on READ, our JULY 2016 Bucket Fund Horse with the HORRIBLY INGROWN HALTER!

I wanted to pass on this lovely post from SkyDog Sanctuary.

Both of these horses have been previous Drop in the Bucket Fund recipients.   It is so heartwarming to see these two living TOGETHER – yes, together!   They met and have become fast friends.

Here is Clare’s post about Read and Swayze.

–As an aside, Swayze is still awaiting surgery because he lost too much weight when he was removed from his ‘mare’ in preparation for his travels to the hospital.  Swayze was so upset, he ran the fence and would not calm down.   This was how/why Read and Swayze were put together.  Read needed a kind friend, and Swayze needed to focus on someone new!


From Clare at Skydog Sanctuary.

The first photograph of Read in a kill pen in Oklahoma one year ago with his worried eye and puckered nervous lips

Read today with his namesake – my hubby chris in the distance x

He loves to stick his tongue out

The holes in his face go all the way through to his nasal cavity but he does really well and breathes fine

He often seems to be smiling in photographs

His brand is clearly visible.

Such a horrible wound…

Difficult to believe that he is well – but he is!

There’s that tongue again x

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