On the actual day of my birthday, I got up very early to go on a short (I had to get back to work…), but lovely trailride.

I chose to go to a private ranch where they offer trail rides on their property;  I called Crystal from Central Coast Trailrides.

Click image to go to their website.


I was given Stella. She was a big, beautiful, copper colored QH who had been there, done that… but still had a lot of getupandgo in her! Perfect. I knew I could relax (she takes care of her riders) but I also had horse beneath me, if you know what I mean…

Other than being in a saddle that wasn’t my saddle, I was totally comfortable.  The setting was gorgeous – rolling oak studded pastures.  We went over hill and dale, met with a buffalo (sculpture), rode next to a pond (lovely), rode through trees (lovely) and chatting the entire time.

I loved it!

And to top it off, they provided cold water and a sweet, cute, roomy and darling bathroom to change out of riding clothes into back to work clothes.

A perfect day.

This is Stella. She was a lot taller than my horses!

Here we are at the top of the property. I swear, from the distance, this buffalo looked very real.  That is the large vacation rental house on the property.  I think it sleeps 3000…  OK, just kidding, but it was BIG.

I had a lovely private ride with Crystal. She was adorable, hard working and totally into giving an experience to her clients. In addition to the natural scenery, I was in love with the mixed metals and recycled woods on all of their buildings. Crystal’s husband is in construction and he used reclaimed materials whenever he could.

The lovely, cool, clean lake.

Here is a cabin on the property. (They have 3 vacation rentals on the property.) I just love all the mixed materials.

The outdoor area for the cabin – again, this was created using reclaimed materials.

We gabbed the entire time! Poor Crystal probably had a back ache from turning around in the saddle the entire time!  She had a really cool bracelet and belt bag. I meant to ask her about those but forgot.

Back at the barn, the family goat was in the feed vehicle – of course!

Here she is, hanging out with me as I drank my water.


After my ride, I drove through the tiny town of Creston, CA and found this store... I purchased a cute, lightweight top.

I bought a handmade scarf slide for Hubby.

I found this cute, little store in Creston. The owner makes chaps in the back… I loved that the old building still had leaded windows!  People actually use this hitching post.

A sweet little store.  I purchased a cute top for myself and a handmade scarf slide for Hubby.



If you are anywhere near the area of Paso Robles and love horses and want to ride in any of the glorious riding venues here, call Crystal!  She can take you all over the County with her horses – and show you the very best trail riding place.  Or, she will guide you and your horse on these trails.  She knows them all!

Central Coast Trailrides.    Here is their FB page.

This photo is from their website. The horses run free on 15 acres when they are done for the day. Nice.

Gorgeous Paso Robles sunsets…

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  1. Debbie Mollner

    Happy Belated Birthday and what a wonderful bday trail ride. ???

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