I don’t know about where you live, but here… all of my trees are buzzing with bees. Our California Pepper trees are alive!  I can literally hear the buzz from 30 feet away.  It is awesome and amazing considering that this property was barren 3 years ago.

Because I am surrounded by bees (and very afraid of wasps), I found this chart.  I thought if it is helping me, it will help you.

Besides, we don’t have enough good bees… best to know what is trapped in your house before you dispatch it.  Perhaps it is the kind of bee we need!


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  1. WhitneiB

    Really loved this – thank you – can’t tell you how many times I have heard “thos’re MEAT bees and they don’t sting!” ?

  2. Bunny

    BIG threat to trail riders are yellow jackets which often make ground nests. Friend had terrible accident while riding in a local equestrian park which he did not know was infamous for yellow jacket ground nests and frequent attacks on horses and riders by those yellow stripey demons. The equestrian park is not maintained by paid staff, only by time-strapped volunteers. Riders should network with other riders in their area to learn of dangerous features of both popular and less-traveled areas (those dangers not being limited to stinging insects but include really scary criminal activities). I don’t know first hand information about trailriding destinations in the midwest, east and southeast but it is beginning to seem as though the west coast by and large just isn’t safe anymore due to a variety of challenges – not the least being an overabundance of really aggressive insect life.

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