Updates! Mustangs, Admiral, Canker, My ponies and Wry-mouth Dollface.

Today is Update Day.


Many of you ask about my mare, Tess, who suffered horribly with equine canker for 18 months.  She had several surgeries and was seen by specialists all over the country.

In the end, I was given two choices – remove most of her frog or put her down.

This was Tess' hoof with massive canker - after months of treatment

Luckily, someone told me about PURPLE MUSH. (Link to original article here with all contact info.)

Honest to goodness, that gawdawful canker cleared, totally, in 2 weeks!  You have to use it correctly and be brave about digging around in the hoof, but it worked so well that 2 years later, she is still canker-free.  Her hoof is as perfect as it will ever be.

And to think, she suffered all that time… canker is like an uncontrollable villain that eats horse hooves.  Ugh. Awful.  But the Purple Mush kicked it.  Wahoo!

I have no affiliation, just passing on the word since I know the terrible devastation of equine canker.

This is Tess' hoof during her most recent trim - all clear! She has been canker free for almost 2 years now.



Admiralty (Admiral), was our Bucket Funder a few months ago.  He had been winched into a trailer by his owner when he refused to load.  Admiral ended up underneath the trailer with intense injuries all over his body.  He was rescued (BHFER), nourished, treated and loved.  He recovered and gained significant weight.  He was loved.

I also told you recently that there was very good news for Admiral.  He had fallen in love with Pebbles the pony and they had been adopted out together.

Well, the sad news is that Admiral recently was not recovering from an onslaught of abscesses.  After radiographs, it was discovered that his coffin bone had pushed almost through his foot.

Sadly, he was freed onto the rainbow bridge last week.  Admiralty knew he had been rescued, he had ample food and he was much loved.

Here is what Theresa from BHFER said:

So sad.


Run pain-free, Admiral, great grandson of Citation



Here is another photo from our current Bucket Fund ‘UNLUCKY 29’ release into freedom.  We helped bring 9 of the 29 back to a California wild horse sanctuary, DreamCatcher (story here).  The Bucket Fund is now working to help bring back the other herd members who are still in Michigan under dire conditions.  (Click here to donate to the Bucket Fund and help these UNLUCKY 29.)


All 9, running free together.



If Wry Mouth Syndrome doesn’t effect the soft palate more than 50%, it is possible for the foal to grow up and prosper.  Here is Dollface who we first met when she was just a youngster.  Now, 7 years later, she is thriving!

You can read about Dollface (or help sponsor her) by clicking here.

Whitney from HOPE FOR HORSES sent this recent pic



This past winter, I noticed that my older ponies were losing health on their toplines.  They were sunken and not looking very well.

I was appalled that I hadn’t noticed the degradation through their winter coats.  Oy.

Immediately, I tried some Equine Chia that had been recommended.  And to be honest, I didn’t have much hope that Chia seeds could make a difference.  To me, it sounded like a gimmick.

However, after a month – OMG! – the ponies were totally filled out and they looked great!  They also shed out great.  I was totally wrong about Chia seeds.  They DO work.

Fast forward…

A month ago I told all of you that I had since run out of my Equine Chia and hadn’t replaced it.  To be honest, I didn’t really think about it since summer always brings different hay and better weather.  I thought the ponies would be just fine, as they always had been.

I was wrong.  They started to lose their topline again.  I guess I had to admit to myself that they were older now and they needed help.

So, I ordered more Equine Chia and told you all that I was going to see if it worked again.  (You can read that story here.)

Now here we are a month later, and the boys are looking great again!

I’m sold.

Slick's topline this morning. He's dirty but he is looking fit and healthy!

I’ve had Remi on it too because she is living with them in their pasture.  She, too, has benefited!  Her coat and feet look great.  But the BEST PART is that she has stopped chewing the fence!  I think Remi has the tendency to have ulcers and the gooey gel of the Chia seeds helps to coat her stomach.

Anyway, I’m sold!  I think the Chia Seed is a great product and an overall helpful supplement.

Click here if you’d like to learn about it or order it.  I get the largest economy size but if you just want to try it, the 24 day trial is a deal!

My Equine Chia arrives. Click here to get yours.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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