UPDATE ON HARLEY’S CANCER plus newsy info and a great MUST SEE brilliant video!

Happy Sunday!

Today I wanted to give you the good news about HARLEY our Bucket Fund Belgian who was very skinny and had a big eye problem.  (You can read about Harley here.)

The vet came out to check on Harley’s eye last week and thought the odd, new  ‘spot’ could be cleared up with antibiotics.  He was hoping it was not the cancer returning…

Lo and Behold, Dr came out yesterday after Harley being on the medication for a week – and gave Harley’s eye an ALL CLEAR A-OK!


Here is Theresa’s account of the day:

1 (click to enlarge)








I’ve never used one of these HAY HANDLERS.  However, a few readers recommended it last week when I posted about carrying hay around my ranch in the wind/rain.

The Cashel Hay Handler. You use it to transport flakes without the mess of hand carrying.

So, I thought I would pass on the info.  They are made by Cashel so I’m guessing that the product is durable.

For me, I’d not really want to take the time to fill it… on the other hand, I am betting it would save me some spillage and also help not have all those strands floating about my driveway, if you know what I mean.

Here is the link.

I found this review on Long Rider’s Gear.  You can order one there, too.

The Cashel Hay Handler is a super handy way to tote your horse hay without losing half of it on the ground or getting it stuck to your clothing! The handles have shock absorbing Cashel foam cushions your hands will appreciate! PVC poles along the top to help keep your hay secure along with Velcro closures on each end. The tough nylon Cordura™ construction gives it long-lasting value.

This hay carrier will easily hold three to four large flakes of hay and can be comfortably carried with one hand. Great for getting feed to your horses and for carrying wood as well! An essential for your barn, trailer, and home.

“I have ten of these, they are great! I have a scale with a hook and can hang the Hay Handler by the handles to get each horses hay weighed and ready to feed for the day…also had to get one more for my firewood! Great product!” – Paula C., CA



Theresa is helping Animal Control place these two, beautiful horses who need homes ASAP.  Email Theresa for more info:  bhfer@earthlink.net

From Theresa:

Oh my gosh – Bucky is SO sweet!  And Rogue is very, very curious and wants to learn how to interact with humans.  He is a very handsome boy and moves beautifully!  These two need to find homes ASAP – AC has given us an extension to try to place them.  With time and training I’m sure both would come around and make nice horses.  Bucky is very gentle.  I rubbed him all over today and picked up his feet.  Rogue came within about a foot of me today but backed off when someone opened a gate. 

If anyone can help them, please contact me ASAP – Animal Control has advised that Rogue and Bucky have a limited time. 


This is Rogue, the 13 year old mustang, who needs a home ASAP. He is so beautiful!


This is 15 year old Bucky. Look at that face! He needs a home asap.



This is amazing.

The first video these shepherds put out went viral but no one believed it was real.  So, the ranchers went to work PROVING that this was all real.  They show you how they did it, the behind the scenes and the actual performance.

These dogs, ranchers and sheep are brilliantly AWESOME.

WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO, it is short.  There is a funny payoff at the end.

CLICK to view the video. THOSE ARE SHEEP outlining a sheep! See how it is done and other amazing shepherd/dog/sheep feats!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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