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I was browsing the Internet recently and found a few items, which I purchased, because the purchase supported animals.

I thought I’d list them here… and add a few.  In fact, I will continue to find little items that have bonus power for the animals throughout this holiday season.  If you know of any, please email me!

Let’s begin!



Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary has an entire store full of items that directly benefit the Sanctuary… gift packages, books, clothing, post cards, photos, figurines…    You can click here to go to the store.

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

For me, I thought the inexpensive but nice looking horsehair bracelets were a fine item for only $10 – $16!   You can also purchase horsehair zipper pulls and keychains for even less!  Perfect stocking stuffers or office gifts.

Here is the link.

$10 - $16! Such a deal!



I found two ways to help the elephants!

–First I found this sterling and copper pendant by Stacey Lamothe.  If you purchase it, a percentage goes to BORN FREE USA which helps all wild animals.

Purchasing this helps BORN FREE USA. Click here


–The other way to help the elephants is through the Elephant Sanctuary.  I found all kinds of Tshirts including some with Tarra and Bella (so sad for her loss).

Tarra and Bella Tshirt

I also found these great close-out Holiday notecards.  In fact, I ordered the close-out notecards a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived!  Better than I had hoped!  I think they are truly special and I would love to receive a card showing an Elephant in the SNOW!

Go to the website and click on GIFT SHOP.  Once there, you can shop for lots of great items that benefit the Elephants.  I found the CLOSE-OUT t-shirts under MISC and then SPECIALS linked here.

I found the ‘sale’ elephant holiday cards here.






3)  HORSES AND HOPE CALENDAR – helps the horses at the Camelot auction

I wrote about this a few weeks ago when I saw it in the Hoofprints catalog.   The photos in this calendar were taken of the horses at the Camelot auction in New Jersey – and in their new homes.  100% of the profits from the calendar sales will be donated to a dedicated fund with One Horse At a Time, Inc. and the funds will be used for the aid of horses in need.

Every page is full of beautiful rescued horses.  My calendar just came today and I really like it!  In fact, I sat down and read the whole thing!

I think it is a really robust and ‘you get bang for your buck’ calendar – totally worth more than the $14.95.  Especially when you know that these ladies work tirelessly to photograph all these horses at the Auction, spread their faces all over the internet, work on placement and organize all transactions.  Beautiful photos!

Bravo!  You can order the Horses and Hope, My troubles are over, I’m finally home… calendar here.

Click here to order!


This is my calendar opened up to July. It is very robust with color and photos! Lovely


4)  SPCA – the maple kind?!

OK, well, who hasn’t seen the video of the ULTIMATE DOG TEASE.  If you haven’t seen it, click here.

Anyway, Hubby loves that video so I found that the creator of the video is selling T-shirts and the proceeds go to THE SPCA (Nova Scotia).  Now, just because it is for the Canadian SPCA shouldn’t stop you since the Canadians have been totally supportive of the Bucket Fund.  Besides, it is for the animals and the shirts are really fun!

I thought $14.99 was an excellent price!  Of course, I had to buy one for Hubby.   It arrived today and I liked it.

Here is the link to his t-shirts.   Here is a photo!

Click to order. Proceeds go to the Nova Scotia SPCA


5) United in Draft Horse Sanctuary, United Pegasus Foundation, Animal Rescue League of Iowa and the Cimarron Sky Dog Reserve via artist, Leslie Anne Webb

Leslie Anne Webb donates to all of the above equine causes!!  Can you believe it?!

If you go to this link, you can see more detail of these famous and lovely pieces.

(Such a nice person to donate to so many horses in need!)

Purchasing a print of this image helps UNITED IN DRAFT HORSE SANCTUARY


A purchase of this print helps UNITED PEGASUS


A purchase of this print helps ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUE OF IOWA


Purchase a print of this image and Leslie will donate to the CIMARRON SKY DOG RESERVE


6)  THE BUCKET FUND!  via EQUI-SPA! (helps the Bucket Fund!!)

EQUI SPA is gracious enough to have a huge Holiday Special that benefits the Bucket Fund!   If you purchase their Holiday Package Special Offer (THE BALM -yay!, Grapefruit No-Rinse Coat Refresher and Spot Remover, Lavendar Cleansing Spray – Norma loves this in her grazing muzzle), Equi-Spa will donate $4 PLUS all the shipping which is another $6.95.  So, basically, if you purchase the Holiday Package from Equi-Spa, not only do you save $5, but your purchase ends up giving $4 plus $6.95 to the Bucket Fund!  $11.00 Total!

Don’t forget that you can order ANYTHING from Equi-Spa (like my fav, THE BALM) and they will donate the entire $6.95 shipping fee to the Bucket Fund!

So stock up on anything and help the Bucket Fund!  They have lots of incredible products to choose from (linked here).  You can ask me about any of them.  I’ve used almost all of them!

Wahoo!  Thank you, Equi-Spa!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

Click this link to read about and help little Autumn who is still in the ICU.



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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