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I’ve been tearing out pages in magazines and piling up scraps of information on my desk for too long now.

You see, I read a ton of magazines…  and I tear out things I want to research more and talk about later.  Usually I do this as I’m falling asleep so I tend to have little torn scraps all around my bed.  These little paper things make it tough to get out of bed quietly because I invariably step on one creating that distinctive crinkly sound as I make my way downstairs for coffee.  Poor Hubby.

Anyway, once I gather all of my paper bits, I then pile them on my desk in the ‘paper tidbits’ area.  Right now, that area is full with scraps of holiday gift ideas, product information and newsworthy items.  I have a feeling that a lot of this stuff will be stale by the time I sort through it all.  So today is the day to talk about some of my paper pile!



Many of you already know of this “Immediate-Acting, One Step, Wound and Infection Treatment.”

This is the small spray bottle sample I received.

I had seen Vetericyn displays at just about every trade show and equine expo this year.  But, it wasn’t inexpensive (they weren’t giving away free trials…) so I walked past the booths deciding to wait until my vet found a use for it.  However, I kept reading about success stories on FB and the Internet…


And then, lucky me, I received a sample of Vetericyn in my Goodie Pouch after I adopted Rojo!  Yup, there was a small bottle inside plus a little brochure.

Of course I was delighted!  Yay!  I now had a sample that I hoped never to use.

Unfortunately the day came…

I adopted two feral kittens to live in the barn.  They were such tiny little things!  One day, I noticed a bloody spot on Spock’s (the male) neck.

Yuk. Kitty Spock's nasty spot.

I thought it was a bite or a wound from another animal so I rushed him to the vet.  Ahem.  The vet told me that he had an allergic reaction to fleas.  Huh?  We don’t have fleas… None of the other cats have fleas and I don’t see any fleas… OK, well, anyway, the vet said that he was scratching himself and wouldn’t stop until he had no more fleas.  She sent me home with antibiotics, Frontline and steroid pills.


Well, after a month of all the meds, Spock still had a huge, oozing wound on his neck.  Nothing I applied internally or topically was working.  Then I remembered the sample of Vetericyn I had laying in my ADOPT A MUSTANG bag.  I decided to give it a whirl.

I sprayed it on his neck twice a day.  After about a week, I noticed a granular texture to the wound.  Good.  A week after that, I noticed a definite scab in place.  Another week went by and the huge area was just a spot.  And now, he is totally healed!

I’m sold.

Vetericyn got a grip on the angry wound cycle and stopped it.  Thank you, MUSTANGS OF AMERICA, for introducing me and Spock to Vetericyn!

Spock now (with is sister, Sally) totally healed and roaming free in the barn.



OK, I know nothing about sewing leather or embossing leather or die cutting leather.  But I was intrigued when I saw this ad.  I figured that some of you out there might want to know about a $300 off sale on a leather sewing machine.  So, here you go!

Click image to go to the sale page

Also, when I went to the site, they had other types of SERIOUS leather working machinery… die cutters and embossers.  I truly never thought about that stuff.  I guess I thought it was all done by hand – some very burly hands.  Anyway, Tippmann has industrial strength machines for you leather workers or wannabe leather workers.


RIDING THE CREST – Not a Walk in the Park

I tore out an ad for this book.  Evidently, Janice Raddatz rode her horse from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Coast Trail.  That is my neck of the woods and I’ve ridden parts of the PCT so I was quite interested.

The article went on to say that she had encountered ‘trail angels’ and a community of do-gooder strangers.  Nice!

Imagine riding 2500 miles alone with your horse!  And, the PCT isn’t all roses and pathways… it is TOUGH country.  She talks about falling off the trail and having to nurse herself and her horse…

Anyway, she took tons of photos along the way and I’m sure she has incredible stories.  So, I wanted to share this with you.

You can learn about the book and purchase it here.

Click to learn about and purchase the book



OK, I saw this ad and just had to check it out…  Have  you ever seen these?  The ad says, “He gave you the best years of his life.  This winter, give him warmth and comfort.”

I immediately thought of FLASH DANCE for horses…

Click image to go to the website


So I clicked to the website.

Basically, older horses are just like older people.  They start losing circulation in their limbs.  The idea behind this product is the same as the idea behind support hose.

Why you would want to use Whinny Warmers

They also have a summer version for horses who stomp their feet to get rid of flies – or who just have severe fly allergies.  (I know my Norma’s legs are very attractive to flies.)

I think the site was interesting as I’ve never thought about elder horse circulation.  And, when I did think about elder horse circulation and applying socks to a horse, I wanted to see how it was done.  Of course, there was a handy dandy chart!

How to apply the Whinny Warmers



I was reading THE WEEK’s travel section and saw an article about a B&B in Kentucky that sits inside a TB Retirement home.  It is called OLD FRIENDS B&B.

When I went to the site, there was little information about the B&B except what I found on a PDF.  So, I’ve copied it here.  Evidently, if you stay at the B&B, you get a private tour of the retired TBs!

Their brochure.

I wondered which retired TBs were there.  So I dug and found the list below.  Impressive line-up.

I liked that they have Popcorn Deelites who played Seabiscuit in the movie.

Anyway, if you are in the area and wanted a twist on the B&B experience, I think this would be very cool!

Click image to go read about the horses who reside at Old Friends.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RiderWriter

    I am a bit surprised that you haven’t heard about Old Friends before, but I forget that you are all the way out there in CA! It is one of my MOST favorite places. In fact, I just went there three weeks ago, and will be blogging about it shortly. :-) When I do I’ll send you the link and you can “read all about it.” No, I haven’t stayed in the B & B (aka Michael Blowen’s home -try Googling him and you will learn a lot in a hurry), but I am privileged to be friendly with Michael and have been there a couple times now. It’s a magical, wonderful farm, rendered only more so for me because last fall they acquired Secretariat’s son Tinner’s Way as a resident…

  2. Mikey

    I love that Vetricyn. Works great on hot spots on dogs, and also seems to work for thrush. Great, great stuff and I won’t be w/o it.

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