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A friend in Grass Valley wrote this… I thought it could help some of you out there!


1. Keep your bridles in the house, tuck one under your jacket, go to the barn. If you are going to a lesson or for a trail ride, take your bridle out of the trailer and keep it in the warm truck while driving. Or lay your bridle and bit on the hood of your truck when you get to the trailhead.

2. Or, when you get to the barn, hang your bridle by its bit in the crook of your arm or around your neck inside your jacket. Throw the reins over your shoulder and go about your business. After you have haltered, groomed, saddled your horse, the bit is warm and ready for your horse.

3. Or, have a bucket of hot water ready or run hot water over your bit.
If you have hot water in your barn this method is very fast. If not, you can use an old-style coffee percolator. Fill it with water and plug it in, will quickly warm your bit. Or bring a thermos of hot water from the house. You also have warm water when you are finished riding to wash off sweat marks, and your hands!

4. A reusable, microwaveable bed and body warmer rice bag from Auntie A‘s, this doubles as a foot warmer in your bed, a seat warmer in your truck, and a bit warmer. (I LOVE mine. Get one for yourself and a friend, too!) If you can sew, you can make this yourself…you need an internal bag of close woven material, and then a flannel cover bag, add rice.

OR, for a bit size warmer, get a sock or an old washcloth and a pound of dry pinto beans, sew beans inside. Microwave until warm. $1.00

5. Or, make this nifty custom microwavable bit warmer with Velcro closures yourself:
Bit Warmer Pattern $10
She also sells the bit warmers pre-made for $42 on her Etsy page.

6. Or, keep a hair dryer in the barn. Also, a good item to have to dry off wet horses in the cold weather.

7. Buy the big box of Little Hottie handwarmers from Costco at the beginning of winter. A couple wraps of polo bandages works to keep it around the bit. Box of 80 – $29.99

8. Or, eliminate that cold bit entirely by using a bitless bridle or bosal in the winter.

Thanks, Jaede!

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