I visited Dalton!

Monday, March 28th, 2022 | Filed under Dalton

My visit was shorter than I had hoped because my orthodontist appointment went an hour longer than I had originally thought.  (The orthodontist is close to Gillian, so I thought I’d visit Dalton and Annie on that same day.)

Since I only had 2 hours, I thought I’d rather see Gillian ride Annie than Gillian ride Dalton.  So, I messed around with Dalton and Gillian and I chatted a lot… and then I messed with Annie and Gillian and I talked a lot, and then she rode Annie.

It wasn’t the most productive riding day, but it was a lot of fun!

My handsome boy… it is tough to take photos of him unless someone else is there to back him off.

Gillian came to help me take some photos. Of course, Dalton tried to fleece her pockets first.

Here he is, trying to unlatch his pen. (eye roll)

Dalton is very fond of Gillian.

Giving a raspberry…

I couldn’t get a decent photo so we let him out of his pen to play with the babies. They can all run on 40+ acres.

This is one of the babies. She was full of herself! The babies are all coming 2.

Here she is again, after the bite didn’t work.

One of the other babies was destroying a feed bucket.

There goes Dalton, up the shady path while one of the babies goes into his paddock to check things out. They all run around the large acreage daily. Such a great life.



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