Dalton UPDATE!

As most of you know, Dalton is in training with Gillian Larson Wilderness Training  

Since I don’t have any flat land or trails near me, I figured having Dalton in training with a gentle person who considers her horse her partner – and someone who rides all. the. time.  would be a good thing.  That’s Gillian.  Kind, smart, devoted, persistent.

Gillian will send me pics of her and Dalton on occasion… when I’m not able to visit within a window of time.

This was her message:  Dalton and I got out for a little ride this afternoon and I had my mom grab some pictures. We worked on quite a bit of canter transitions outside of the arena. He is such a fun guy.

Here is a series after a muddy day here in CA.  (Believe me, we are grateful for muddy days here in CA!)


This one was my fav. Look how forward and interested he is… and her hands are light as a feather! (Both looking in the same direction!)

Again with very light hands… He’s looking like he is not quite sure that he wants to be a lead horse…

Very relaxed. Checking things out.

Handsome, sweaty boy. All that hair this time of year.



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I’m no genius. Just an average girl who has a passion to save horses in need. This is my idea going forward. If we have a constant fund going daily… we will have funds to give to those on the ground who are saving these horses in real time at the killing auctions.

Horse and Man Foundation, Inc has a new Fund button. KEEP THEM OFF THE TRUCK FUND. This fund will go on all day, all the time. It will always be here. If you want to save a horse from slaughter, you know we will do that here.

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