As most of you know, Dalton went into training with Thru-Rider, Gillian Larson.

Here is a post on Gillian.  Here is the post about Dalton leaving to go into training with her.

Dalton in his pen at Gillian’s place. So beautiful there. Lots of trees.


From Gillian:

“Dalton had his first real trail ride this afternoon. He was perfect. We were mostly working on lateral movement and forwardness in the arena till now. He sure is a nice guy and just the best attitude for learning and working.  Yup so far in a halter. He is definitely one of those horses that can ride in anything. He was definitely more upbeat on the trail and seemed more happy to be out doing something.”

Isn’t it gorgeous there? I’m so proud of them. This is exactly what I had hoped for him. Thank you, Gillian.

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