A DIFFERENT KIND of PONY EXPRESS! Watch this sweet video…

Perfect for a Sunday.  Albert and Ernie take a train ride!

Original video here.

Here is the description on their You Tube channel:


Albert and Ernie go or a ride… click image to watch

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  1. Bunny

    Just one of the many reasons I read your blog so much, Dawn. THANK YOU for introducing me to the ponies and beyond them to the incredible projects of Emma Massingale – I must have watched at least a half dozen of her YouTube videos already today since watching “Albert and Ernie.” When I think of the preparation that went into that video and the thoughtfulness of Ms. Massingale for including such a rich variety of experiences plus animals … ! Right down to those pony boots to protect hooves when navigating such a wide variety of both natural and man-made surfaces. She even dubbed in 1930’s style music to go with the 1930’s steam train! It looks as though all of her presentations are every bit as well done. And I say also WELL DONE to you for your excellent and always interesting blog.

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