YANAHA is paving the way… We may have lost her, but Yanaha’s legacy WILL LIVE ON!

With a heavy heart, I must tell you all that it is true. Yanaha lost her battle.

Her extensive injuries (and complications) were overcoming her will to live. She has crossed over – peacefully.

Please do not direct any anger toward the team of medical professionals who had to make this incredibly difficult decision. And please be comforted that I was told that the DA is now very much on board and considers Yahaha’s injustice as his personal fight. Rockport Horse Rescue has promised to update us on this fight – and has told me that the local media is not letting up either.

Yanaha did not pass without making her mark. She will lead the way for all the other abused animals in her area.

Godspeed, Yanaha. Godspeed.


Unfortunately, Yanaha’s extensive care left Rockport Horse Rescue will a very large bill.

If you can see your way, please know that your donation to Yanaha’s care is totally tax deductible.  If you have Starbucks change to toast our girl as she flies up to the Horsegods, please let her know.

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  1. Laura Grover

    I would send pictures but to sad. Fallen Horse Rescues horses then lets them die and no one pays a bit of attention to them it sickens me to the core. But I have complained to so many deaf ears. It’s a shame. Some people have no buisness having pets or children. Sad sad

  2. John Rupolo

    I have been covering this story from the outset. Michelle and John Hird are the heroes here. They took in Yannaha and so named her which means brave in indian. For weeks, they cleaned her for six hours everyday and nursed her back to strength so she could stand at the Rockport Horse Rescue which they own and run.

    The Hird’s are amazing people who should have all of our support and love. Two selfless individuals who have devoted their lives to making good on so many wrongs that have caused horses to suffer. They are saints. I, as a member of the media in South Texas, have been following this story from the very beginning and I am in contact with San Patricio County Sheriff’s officials and the DA. My efforts now focused on finding out what happened to Yannaha who was found with her female parts cut out and left for dead in Gregory, Texas field where she was found weeks later. Who did this and why? The person or persons responsible need to be brought to justice. If anyone has any information you can call me on my cell phone 361 500 7664. I work for KZTV ACTION 10 NEWS in Corpus Christi, Texas. My name is John Rupolo

  3. Dana

    Heartbreaking story never to be forgoten . May her legacy live on to protect and bless the lives of infinite sentient beings. God speed Yanaha. We love you girl..

  4. Jody Brittain

    This has been a very heart breaking story to follow. The only saving grace is for the person that did this to get his coming ups! EYE FOR AN EYE??????

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