When someone great – asks for help – you know it is important… Our OCTOBER BUCKET FUND: BHFER. They need us desperately..

The wonderful and giving rescue, BHFER, needs our help!!

Over the five years of the Bucket Fund, I have supported BHFER (Beauty’s Haven and Farm Equine Rescue) because they are bursting with integrity – and because they go the extra mile for any equine they think they have the slightest chance of helping.

Do you remember Betsy Rose?  (story linked here) She was a skeleton… minutes from death.  BHFER came in and comforted her – hoping to make her last moments better than she had known.  And low and behold, the girl rallied.  It was unbelievable, but she survived!  BHFER stood by her the entire time.  If she had fight, so did they.

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Betsy Rose survived because of the magic of BHFER.

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I remember the foal with wry mouth who was thrown away (and now lives happily at BHFER).  I remember a donkey who was too weak to move and Theresa put him in her van to get him to the vet, I remember an emaciated draft horse, a near death Arab, a very sick, pregnant mini… so many horses Theresa has helped heal or helped cross gently with love, food and warmth.

This is Oscar. He was so malnourished, he couldn't use his back legs.

This is Oscar. He was so malnourished, he couldn’t use his back legs. Theresa put him in her car and drove him to the vet because that was the fastest to help him – she sung to him all the way.

NOW IT IS OUR TURN TO GIVE BACK.  AN UNBELIEVABLE SET of UNFORTUNATE CIRCUMSTANCES.  It took a lot for them to ask me for help… they really need it.

Theresa’s husband had a heart attack.  He is doing alright, but can no longer function as the ‘Do it all, Mr. Fix it’  around the farm.  (Theresa, herself, has a spinal injury that numbs her body from the neck down.)

On top of the heart attack (which is enough…) several formerly adopted horses came back this month – all at once… hay prices are through the roof and school took all of their incredibly helpful volunteers.

Now, BHFER needs to hire help to do everything Bob used to do, pay for medications and care for all of their rescue horses and survive the influx of returned adopted horses.  They feel as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders and they need help.  You know how this is… things just pile on and it feels totally overwhelming.  If one person helps you, then another, then another… the whole world brightens.

Theresa holding 'Baby Girl' for her Xray. Poor filly had traumatic head trauma. Theresa was there all the way.

Theresa holding ‘Baby Girl’ for her Xray. Poor filly had traumatic head trauma. Theresa was there all the way.

WE CAN HELP!  Let’s show BHFER  that we appreciate all the good they have done for so many for so long!  Every dime will add up and mean so much!  We can boost them up!

Don’t think any amount is too small.  It isn’t!  Everything adds up!  Miss one Latte and give to BHFER!  It will make all the difference!  Thank you!!

All donations are 100% tax deductible! 

  If you receive this via email, click here to donate!
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All the equines at BHFER thank you!

All the equines at BHFER thank you!

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  1. Susie Gates

    i wish I lived closer Theresa would have to run me away.it is amazing what has been done for the animals at this rescue. Please help if u can the smallest amount would be appreciated. They are really going through a difficult time right now

  2. Tammie Brashear

    What an amazing rescue!! Theresa & Bob do so much to help these animals. The horses they have helped pull through are nothing short of miracles!! I donate when I can. I wish I could do more and I wish I lived near the rescue. I would volunteer in a heartbeat! Unfortunately Ohio is too far from Florida. Please consider helping BHFER. They are such wonderful people doing such amazing work! Please help

  3. Linda Ganter

    This is an excellent rescue. They take care of minis, donkeys, horses and even a mammoth mule. You will never have to wonder if your donation was used to help the animals. It was!! I have volunteered at the rescue 2 times and can say it is always about what is best for the horses.. please help if you can.

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