Do you remember our February Bucket Fund horse, Vulcan?  He was the older gentleman that was found very underweight, in a junkyard, with a severe wound to his penis.  You can read Vulcan’s story here.

The Horse and Man Group raised the money for his surgery but Vulcan had to wait until he gained at least 150 lbs before he could undergo his surgery.  While he was waiting, and eating, Vulcan had massive antibiotics to quell the infection.

You’ll probably remember this photo…


I had never seen an equine surgery table like this one.  MT had her surgery on a different kind of table that was a tilt table with a winch to place the horses.  Very unsettling to watch.  I don’t know how they got him onto this table, but it looks more gentle.

The photos show Vulcan alert in his stall… then walking to surgery and then during surgery.  I am waiting for his ‘after’ pictures!  Very exciting.

I’m told Vulcan had quite a bit of bleeding and swelling so he had to stay a few more days than expected.  But, he is over the hard part and has come home to rest.

I will post those photos as soon as they arrive!

THANK YOU, Horse and Man Group for allowing Vulcan to heal and live comfortably!  Thank you, Heart of Phoenix, for saving him!

Bright eyed, awaiting his surgery.

Being led to anesthesia

He has gained weight and is much more alert and happy now. His infected penis looks so much better! But the damage was done and he cannot retract it.


Isn’t this process amazing. Thank you all for helping him receive the surgery he needed!

Preparing for the actual surgery.

Making sure he was breathing well…

And surgery!


THE APRIL BUCKET FUND KICKED OFF for sweet, baby Barbara!  She has operable wry-mouth and needs transportation funds to get to reach the specialist to perform her surgery in Tennessee.  You can read Barbara’s story here!

We have a great start, but we still need $2815 for transportation.  Can you help us get her to her life saving surgery?!  Click here to donate!

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