A ‘hot off the presses’ video of our April Bucket Fund wry mouth filly, BARBARA! See how the surgery would help her!

Today we have a brand new video of baby Barbara with the wry mouth!  She is our April Bucket Fund filly!  You can read her story here.  She needs transportation funds for Barbara to travel to the wry mouth specialist – who has offered her owner a very discounted, life-saving surgery!

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Thank you!!!


I have written previously about Wry Mouth.  Here is that link to read more.  No one knows the cause of wry mouth although there is wide speculation it has to do with the fetal position in the womb.  But, it is not a death sentence, thank goodness, due to current surgery methods.

Some wry mouth horses survive well without surgery.  Generally, these are the wry mouth horses who can chew.

One of those lucky enough to chew is Dollface.  I have met Dollface… and she was amazing.  Full of life and spunk.  She continues to live a full life.  However, the other horses do shun her, so she spends much of her time with her human handlers.

I’ve met Dollface. She did not have surgery – because she is able to chew grass. Dollface is living a rich life. In fact, she is a bit overweight!

Then there is Aaleyah Belle from our friends at BHFER.  She was a Bucket Fund recipient a while back.  In Aaleyah’s case, surgery was performed and she now lives a happy, relatively normal life!

These are before and afters from Aaleyah Belle’s surgery.

HERE IS OUR VIDEO OF OUR APRIL BUCKET FUND FILLY, BARBARA – receiving a back scratch.  You should see her little lips move!

Click here to watch this very sweet and ‘normal in all other ways’ wry mouth filly, Barbara, receive a great back scratch!

Click image to watch Barbara receive a sweet back scratching!

ANY STARBUCKS MONEY OUT THERE FOR THIS LITTLE FILLY?  All donations are 100% tax deductible and they all ADD UP!  Thank you in advance.  She is such a cutie!  Thank you!!

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