It is always good to have uplifting news going into the weekend!

So, here is our first bit of good news…

STAR IS UP TO 15 HOURS A DAY with her braces!

She is let out to roam around the barns and they say that she gets into everything…!

(In case you don’t remember about Star, her story is here.)

The Rescue has been given the A-OK to gradually add weight.  In case you missed it, the reason she was kept thin was to help her rear muscles carry all of her weight since her shoulder muscles were atrophied due to the hoof overgrowth and then deformation.

But now that Star is walking correctly in her braces, she is building up her shoulder and neck muscles and her body can take gradual additional weight.

It is truly amazing to see her standing this straight – ears up!

This was Star on June 9th, after she was rescued, after her 3 years of front hoof overgrowth was cut, after her facial fly larvae infestation (because she couldn’t scratch her face) was cleaned – but before her braces were applied.


This is Star after wearing her braces for over a month and has worked up to wearing them 15 hours a day! Her shoulders are gaining definition and she is walking upright to relieve the stress on her back, and she is now gaining weight – and it is reported that she ‘gets into everything’!!



The Castaic horses are our October Bucket Fund recipients.  They are special needs horses who have been languishing in a County run shelter in Castaic, CA.  The County, not the Shelter, had scheduled these 4 horses for mandatory euth since their time was up and no one was coming to adopt them.

Luckily, a friend of the Shelter notified us and we were able to find a great forever home – (The Golden Carrot) that specializes in older and special needs horses – for the three geldings.   Also, a private party, Debra Hawk, came forward and offered a home for the mare.

Amazing and wonderful!

Through donations, we were able to arrange the payment of the adoption fees and transportation for all 4 horses.  THANK YOU!

If all goes well, they will be picked up on Saturday!

Actually, the 3 geldings were supposed to be picked up today but the forecast was for rain so they moved the date to this weekend.

Anyway, the not so great news is that none of these special needs horses have been dewormed or vaccinated in all the time they’ve been at the shelter.  I guess funding was really bad so they were given food but nothing else…

But, never fear, once the horses arrive at their forever homes, both The Golden Carrot and Debra Hawk will report back on their conditions – and, of course, – bring them back to the best quality of life possible.

Lester (down in the fetlocks) and the TWH mare (an odd hump in her lumbar spine) are only 12 years old and the light colored QH (arthritic knees) is only 14!  So, other than not being sound for riding, they have many years ahead of them.  And, if I know The Golden Carrot, the 24 year old red QH (navicular) is exactly the kind of horse she loves to spoil… so he should be around for many years as well!

I will keep you updated!  I cannot wait to see pics of these guys when they arrive in their new digs!

Going to The Golden Carrot on Saturday… he was bought at an auction and the very next morning brought into the Shelter because the new owner saw his arthritic knees in the daylight…


This is Lester. He was found starving and he was brought to the Shelter. The Shelter fed him but his time had run out on adoption – probably because he is down on his fetlocks. Lester is only 12! He will live out his life at the Golden Carrot. He leave on Saturday.


This is the 12 year old TWH mare. The vet said she had an odd lump on her lumbar spine which deemed her unrideable. So, no one adopted her and her time was up. Thank Goodness for Debra Hawk who came forward to adopt her!


This is RED, the 24 year old with navicular (no one came to adopt him…). The Golden Carrot will help him through the rest of his life…



This handsome horse ended up being an ex-police horse and he was adopted out privately…



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All of these Castaic horses need sponsors… if you’d like to help with their initial needs, please donate to the Bucket Fund. If you’d like to sponsor them for a longer term or monthly, THE GOLDEN CARROT would love you!!! Click image to find out more info on how to support these lovely special needs horses!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Karen May

    I have been watching your input on facebook for a while now, and I must say Touche!! too you, I know how much energy and effort it take’s to do what you are doing and there usually isn’t a lot of gratitude from others, but much gratitude from your furry friends, I hope you keep up the good works, you are special man, May God grant you many years to pursue this wonderful crusade your on. I wish I could contribute but I have two horses of my own I’m keeping happy and healthy forever, so I just wanted to express my gratitude for you being you.
    Lots of luck,

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