To think, just a few weeks ago, these horses had no future!

When I wrote about them, I really had no idea that we could help them.  The weren’t a Bucket Fund contender because I didn’t know how we could help other than trying to place them with California readers…

And then, the clouds broke and the sun shone down upon them!

…All of a sudden, it was possible!

And you all gave good thoughts, prayers, wishes and donations for the cause.

It worked!

All 4 horses were picked up on Saturday.  They all made it to their new homes and we have the initial reports today!

This is Red – the first one in the trailer, like an old pro. Waiting to go to his new home.


The Haulers (who made this journey for only the price of fuel)  took a burger break mid trip home… over the horses’ ears you can see the In N Out sign…


Here is Debra’s email to me:

Hi Dawn.  Just letting you know our girl arrived safe about an hour ago.  I don’t recall the last time we rescued a trained horse… what a pleasure.  She trailered like a champ, off-loaded and we walked the perimeter of her 2 acre pasture (she arrived in the dark).  She is very well mannered and what a lovely mover!  She is clearly roach-backed however.  Our mare Dawnie, that we lost in June, was roach-backed and VOM and chiropractic work helped immensely.  We’ll schedule her an appointment with our equine chiropractor and see if we can help her.   Attached is a pic Troy took at the shelter before loading.  Not sure if you saw the comment, but someone named Jess thinks this may be a horse she sold about two years ago and lost track of….  I’ll let you know.  More in the AM.  -Debra

The TWH mare just before she loaded up to travel home.



Red, Diamond and Lester went to The Golden Carrot.

Contrary to what we thought, Lester is actually the one with the most needs right now.  When he arrived at TGC, Casey thought he was the most ouchy.  Very interesting.

But all of them off-loaded very nicely and settled in easily.

Red (24 year old QH with navicular) immediately went out into the larger group of established geldings and fit right in.

News Flash!  They think Red is an old Cowboy horse who actually competed at the NFR.  We are seeing if we can confirm this.  However, he does carry himself like a celebrity and he is very, very confident.  Casey just loves him!

Red, looking gorgeous at THE GOLDEN CARROT. Casey just adores him already! We heard he was an ex NFR horse and we are trying to confirm it. He is 24 with navicular.


Red has already assimilated into the gelding herd at THE GOLDEN CARROT!

Diamond, who is a lovely creme color with blue eyes, does have very bad knees.  However, he uses them very well!  Casey was surprised to see how well he moved!

Right now, Diamond is in a stall until he can be evaluated by a vet.   Already, he’s had his shoes pulled (thank gawd!) and his feet trimmed.  Easy-peasy.  No issues with his feet or the farrier at all!  Very good signs.


Diamond with the arthritic knees, getting ready to load out of the Shelter and onto the trailer home…

Diamond has blue eyes! He is the one with very arthritic knees. Diamond is only 14.


Casey had the farrier out immediately to take off the old shoes and trim his feet. Here he is before the trim – look at those knees! Diamond was excellent for the farrier and didn’t show signs of pain.


Lester is the most ouchy.  He is in a stall.  Lester also had his feet trimmed today but he wasn’t as solid as the others.  So, Casey will have him evaluated with the vet as well.  For now, he had some basic meds on board to help with the general pain.


Lester, who we thought was in the best shape, is actually the most ouchy right now. He is an Arab mix and only 12.


Casey thinks Lester is stunning and kept taking photos of his face. So, that’s all I got! More later…


All three horses are very kind and sweet.

Casey already thinks these three will fit in perfectly!

They all need forever Sponsors – or even a sometime sponsor  ;) –  click here if you’d like to help Golden Carrot with longer term support for these very fortunate and wonderful special needs horses.  These three horses aren’t yet listed on their sponsor page but Casey would be happy to receive any type of sponsorship or donations via this link or an email to her directly (cocarrot@earthlink.net).

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October Bucket Fund is to support these horses’ to get to their new homes, to be fed and vetted… All need daily medical care. Each were gifted with forever homes, we are just sweetening the pot and helping these neglected horses towards a good start in their new lives!!




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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