OCTOBER BUCKET FUND RECEIPTS!!!!! 7 lives saved this month!


You guys are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Through all of your thoughts, good will and donations (and an anonymous angel..), we were able to raise the funds to save these three horses in record time!  What a relief for all involved and so incredible!

We gathered $1740 in about an hour.

Oh and let us not forget the original Bucket Fund for October – the Castaic horses!

All four of them were also saved from a County imposed euth.

You saved 7 lives this month!!

And all of these horses are thriving!  (Updates to come!)


Life is grand, isn’t it?!  ;)


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  This kind of stuff makes me feel like we CAN make a difference.



3 year old Kiger cross – gelded, sweet and halter broke. SAVED!

Sweet, halter broke BLM donkey. SAVED!

Totally trained 12 year-old BLM mare. SAVED!


The money to bail all three horses from the Fallon lot.  (The reason I’ve blacked out the person I paid to bail the horses is because it is better to keep that quiet so we can continue to learn about and save horses on that lot…)


Food and Pay Pal Fees


The hauler fees, his hotel and Pay Pal fees.

Lester, the doomed Castaic horse, now thriving at THE GOLDEN CARROT!

Gorgeous Red, 24 year old with Navicular, doomed in Castaic – now living at THE GOLDEN CARROT!


The lovely and mannered TWH mare (with horrible back issues) now living happily with Debra Hawk.


Diamond – doomed because of bad knees – now happily trotting around THE GOLDEN CARROT!


Your donation to THE GOLDEN CARROT to care for these special needs horses for the first 6 months!  (Psst – they still need life sponsors…)


Gas money to transport the TWH mare to safety.


Gas fees to haul the three horses to THE GOLDEN CARROT


This was the bail money for the 4 Castaic horses. The Shelter would only accept Cash or Check – overnighted – so I needed to deposit into my personal checking account and write a check to them. ($50/horse)




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Linda Johnson

    No, YOU are amazing for doing all this coordination! We have the easy part to donate a little. Thank you!

  2. Linda Hart

    Totally unrelated comment to the post but…. how’s Slick???

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