A Cheerful Monday update on Baby Autumn!! Do you remember her?…

Baby Autumn was our Bucket Fund almost a year ago…

If you remember the story, she was born on a feedlot and immediately orphaned (you know why…).  The feedlot attendants didn’t know her dam was pregnant so they had no idea that there was a tiny foal lying in the dirt there.

Luckily, after 13 hours, someone found her and called Rescue workers at Hope for Horses.  It was several more hours until she had her first meal.

It was no surprise that even though she had been rescued, she quickly crashed.

Here is a piece of her original story linked here.











WELL, IT TOOK A VILLAGE BUT… a year later, look at her go!!

I received this email from HOPE FOR HORSES this week:

Hello Horse and Man!

Here are recent pictures of Autumn, taken on her birthday this last Sunday the 28th. There are a lot more similar pictures on our hope for horses facebook page. She had a homemade, horse healthy cake and had loads of fun prancing around in her birthday getup. She definitely felt like a princess that day!
Everyone here at Hope for Horses and Autumn herself cannot thank you and the readers enough for what you have done for this miracle filly. Without your donations and support, who knows where we would be today and what Autumn’s situation could have become.

She is definitely a special horse and will become a great partner when she finds her forever home. We have taken her to fundraising events and through bowling alleys and she has spent time with foster children and countless volunteers. Each and every day we look at her and can’t believe she was the sickly little filly we met exactly a year ago.

We plan on keeping Autumn in our care for another year as she is not yet suitable for Adoption. She is still uncomfortable in a herd situation and we are continually working on socializing her safely. We will be spending the next year properly socializing her and beginning her training.

We asked fans on our Facebook page to send Autumn birthday cards. This journey was not just our experience, it was yours too and we would love to hear how Autumn has impacted your lives! If you would like to send her a card you can send it to PO Box 1790, Woodinville, WA, 98072. And if you want to stay updated on Autumn and the goings on at Hope for Horses, please follow our Facebook page.

Once again, Thank you for following Autumn’s story.













Wahoooo! I am ALIVE and Well!!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. John Edwards

    We will never know about her history unless her previous owner comes forward and tells. We know that her mother was “large”, as opposed to a smaller horse but her extreme emaciation and the fact that no photos exist cut that avenue.

    If you consider that Autumn was on IV feeding for 3 weeks, desperately ill for the whole first month of her life. So in judging her progress I think of her as 11 months old. Net she is growing into a big horse. She is having a growth spurt right now and should hit 14 hands and just shy of 700 pounds (she is a little overweight). That means she is tending toward being a big horse. There are lots of approaches to estimating ultimate size at one year but if she tops out at 16 hands and 1100 pounds I would not be surprised.

    So in my limited experience I have not seen too many Arab mares that get that big. She does have an Arab face dish and very refined legs and many of the behavioral qualities ascribed to Arabs. We will see!

  2. Pamela Evans Alewine

    You are one beautiful and lucky little girl!!! Shows what humans can do !

  3. Mona

    Thanks for this post. Great way to start the week! She is beautiful.

  4. Evelyn Gebele

    Knowing the history all I have to say: Bless all of you that gave this filly a second chance for an amazing life! ? Followed this story from the beginning and it is so good to know that loving caring people do exist! What a little beauty she is!

  5. Doug

    Good morning Dawn. And what a good morning it is. These pictures just prove that scumbag humans won’t win when “A village” comes together. I remember how pissed I was when I first read about Autumn a year ago. I looked forward to all the updates and hoping and praying that she’d pull through. This is a sweet day. I slowly scrolled down your blog and when I saw that first picture of her I nearly stopped breathing. Hope For Horses and all the volunteers are miracle workers and can’t be thanked enough for that instant I saw that first picture of her running. It’s one of those “Magic Moments” that rarely come around in our lives. Thank YOU for finding her information and setting up the Bucket Fund to get her the help she needed. And again, to Hope For Horses, THANK YOU!!!

  6. Vickie

    Oh how pretty ! Shes beautiful! Happy Birthday Autum! Ppl who did this to her mom,never found? How can ppl b so cruel,i will never understand? Many bdays to u!

  7. Nancy Carlson

    What a wonderful story. Thank you very much for sharing and for the efforts of everyone involved. So often these horrible things happen and we never know how they end. What a GORGEOUS filly.

  8. peg

    My Egyptian Arabian would throw his head like that! Any idea what breed she is?

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