First off, I wanted to thank you all for sending your comments and “well” wishes from yesterday’s post.  I TOTALLY appreciate all the time and thought that went into each email.  I especially loved those few who had their non-Horse and Man-reader husbands or Dads email me.  Bravo!  Hubby and I have plenty to chew upon…

At the moment, we have still not decided what to do.  But, we did speak to a well specialist in the area who said the property should have plenty of water – once it was drilled…


Harley had surgery today and pulled through with flying colors!  Everyone was initially concerned because Harley had to be put under (the cancer had spread too far to do the surgery with him standing) and there are inherent risks with this, especially for a huge draft horse.

But, he did wonderfully!  He recovered without thrashing about and hurting himself.  Harley truly is a gentle giant.

Here are photos taken by Theresa.   Her comments are on the top of each photo.  Be sure to click the image to enlarge it so you can read her thoughts.

*Also, I know so many of you want to know about the Buddy… so far, the farmer has not given any indication that he will release the Buddy.  Theresa will not give up trying.

I really don't know what the Bucket is for...? CLICK TO ENLARGE


He is a big boy...


Theresa did a good job of taking a surgery photo without gore. Click image to enlarge.


Looking good! Click image to enlarge



BHFER is such a busy rescue!  Along with helping Harley, they are presently trying to place 22 horses who had no where to go after their owner fell upon hard times.

19 have found homes in just one week!  But these three still don’t have anywhere to go.

If  you can take one or have an idea for them, please contact BHFER and let them know.  I sure don’t know why the little mini is still available?! She is so cute and they are so easy to house!!

From what I hear, the Mustang is very workable and beautiful.  The ex-bucking horse is very good and a fine pasturemate.

So, if you know of any home for these three, please let BHFER know at this link.


Others that need homes in Florida. Click to enlarge.


If you’d like to help BHFER in their plight to rescue horses and continued support of Harley, please click here.

I will keep you posted throughout the month on his recovery, for sure!


Click here for the Bucket Fund!




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  1. Deborah Slagle

    My guess on the bucket is that they needed him to not eat before the surgery, and I haven’t seen a muzzle big enough for a draft before, so I’d use a bucket if it was me!!

    = ]

    Glad he did so well- and hope he recovers quickly!
    Theresa is such a Gift to all!!

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