IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… The Dream is gone – for now.

Our internet will go down today for upgrading so I have to make this short…


So Sad…

We received the official Well Report on the wonderful 80 acres in wine country.  (If you missed the initial blogpost, click here.)

It was even worse than feared.  Instead of 3-4 gallons per minute, it was measured at 2.5.  And, full of sulfur.

The sulfur part would have been smelly for sure, but workable with an oxidizing process that you can add to the system.  However, 2.5 gallons per minute is just not enough water for us to feel comfortable.

So sad when dreams evaporate...



Previously, I had gotten on the phone and called the well-guys in the region.

All of them said that that area has plenty of water.  But, it was down deep and full of sulfur.  So, if another well was drilled, most likely we would find an abundance, albeit smelly, heap of water.

Hmmmmm.  Hubby and I don’t really have the cash to drill another well.  And, to be honest, Hubby was not willing to take the chance on his dime.

I wasn’t too keen on the idea either, but I wasn’t worried about finding water.

I got on the phone...



The other point of my due diligence was the entrance to the property…

I called the Fire Marshall to ask if emergency vehicles could navigate the road to the residence.  It is narrow and has extreme curves and uphills.

The Fire Marshall was familiar with the exact location.  He’d been there and knew there was a gate code and could almost recall it.  I was  impressed.  You WANT the Fire Marshall to know where you live…

Anyway, I asked about emergency vehicle access and he said he would be willing to come out ‘this afternoon’ (gotta love small town fire departments…) to check it out since he couldn’t remember exactly.  But, then he said that the trucks could always cross the front yard neighbor since it was flat there.  I told him that a fence had been installed.  Hmmmmm.  He said he would have to come out.

What stuck out in my mind about the conversation with the local Fire Marshall was his recollection “that the road was not workable during bad weather”.  (Yikes!)  But again, he wasn’t sure and would happily make a visit if he had the gate code, which we didn’t.  (It changes daily, for some reason.)

So, another issue unresolved.

Could the Fire truck make it in?...



We decided to ask the seller to drill a new well that met the 10 gallons per minute pledge that we had been told when we made our offer.  If that was successful, we were going to approach the road issue with the Fire Marshall.

So, armed with the crappy well report, we asked our agent to talk to their agent about drilling another well.


About 12 minutes later (I think the phone wires were burning…), our agent called to say that the seller had blasted an unequivocal NO.  He indicated that if the property wasn’t right for us, we should cancel.

OK then.  That’s that…

(Having sold a few homes, my gut tells me that he might be sorry – down the road – that he was so quick to send us away.  But, I could be wrong.)

He didn't mince words.



So, with sadness, we must continue our search.  I figure someone who has lots of money and doesn’t mind drilling a very deep well will come and snatch these 80 acres.  I’m guessing that is what the seller believes as well.

On the other hand, I know a vineyard won’t want that acreage without good water and most equestrian people won’t either.  Also, the entrance is still an issue…

However, just the size of the land will probably make someone bite.  After all, it had only been on the market for 3 days when we snapped it up.

When it is gone, I will be sad.  I’ll keep you posted.



These photos were taken after Harley returned home to BHFER from his eye surgery.

Harley trotting over to his pen (click to enlarge)


In just one week at BHFER, Harley looks so much happier and healthier! (click to enlarge)


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  1. Joanie

    I think you should come down to Murrieta…I can find you 5-10 acres and it’s very VERY equestrian friendly….I can help you find a nice small ranch down here and you would love the area I am thinking of as I have a small ranch there as well……email me!

  2. Jan Walton

    Views are expensive — beautiful but you pay for them. The “wine country” also jacks up the price of the land. If those things are not important to you, you probably dodged a bullet on this land. Keep dreaming and looking. And do consider other states and regions. Exercise your dream power! You will find it. Godspeed.

  3. R.M

    On the other hand, a better place is in the works. Like Goldilocks, you’ll find the best place for yourself and everybody, too, and it will be just right! The house won’t be too small, the driveway too steep, and the property compromised. It will be JUST RIGHT, for you.

  4. ValerieB

    I am a firm believer that what’s meant to be is, and what isn’t, isn’t. As disappointing as this experience has been, kudos to you both for making this decision after gathering all the facts. I feel sure that there is something much better out there for you, your hubby, and your herd. Good luck as you continue your search!

  5. sue tyrkus

    So sorry to hear about the property. Must be a HUGE bummer. :(
    I’m on my 13th house, which is currently for sale. Our plan was to rent our friend’s beautiful old log home (circa 1859, and truly my dream home), which has 12 acres and a small barn, butting on to over 300 acres of managed forest with trails. Perfect for 2 horses so we can stop paying board. Sadly, the market here SUCKS, and she’s had to put the place up for sale for financial reasons. If we’re lucky (my nickname’s Black Cloud!), our place will sell before hers, and we can carry on with our plan.
    You’ll find another place, probably better than this one that has fallen thru. Way to go with the sleuthing!!

  6. michelle

    Oh maaaan. What a disappointment for you. Good job (!) on your investigation into the property though! What a sleuth!

  7. Casey O'Connor

    Don’t worry – turns out it wasnt actually that perfect! Too much needing to be done And I agree with everyone about the sulfur. There is lots of that in my area and the people who have it would love not to. Lots of filtering barely makes it doable, and costs. I think the seller is ridiculous. 80 acres is good for you and me, but most people don’t want or need that much land (and in this area, banks only lend on about 5 acres and the house anyway); those that do NEED lots of good water, and this is a buyers market. Eh. Better to move in the summer anyway – you’ll find a good place, don’t worry! and btw, was there any news on Harley’s friend?

  8. nancy

    I’m sorry. What a disappointment.

    As you know, I’ve been looking for a new forever dog and have now had three slip away. I can only console myself, as your other commenters point out, that my forever dog will find me.

    Take heart. Your property is out there!


    I also agree that Eastern Oregon around Bend would be a great place to snap up great horse property as the recession hit is HARD, but know you guys want to stay close to your girls.

  9. Nicole Birkholzer

    Here are my two thoughts,
    a friend of mine moved her horse from MA to FL and the barn in FL has sullfur in the water. Her horse has been sick ever since. Despite filtersystems etc. it can be really detrimental for your babies.
    I had looked at many properties and nothing was right. Then one day the perfect property found me, and it offered things I never thought of asking for (indoor arena, guest cottage, most incredivle local community. Your property will find you.
    Can’t wait to hear about it when it happens.

  10. Jody Brittain

    I am sorry to see your dream home slip away. But on the other hand, I am so glad you did your research! The water issue is very important! That sulfur smell is a terrible thing to have. In the area in which we live, some wells have that smell and some do not. We are one of the lucky ones that do not. I totally believe in, “If it was meant to be, it will be”. There is your ‘perfect’ property out there, just waiting for you and you will find it. Of course you can check into eastern Oregon! There is a lot for sale around here, and prices are pretty good……:))

  11. Kitty Bo

    Wow. BTDT w/ properties. Sometimes when God closes a door, we get our fingers caught, but it’s always for the best. We now have a wonderful property w/ a good well too! We have learned to trust that the right one will turn up. Thank goodness for your wisdom in checking things out. Good luck to whomever buys that property. They will have to call it Stinky Springs.

  12. peg

    Y’all pretty much set on California?
    Texas has lots of land and water(so far) and between Austin and Bastrop plenty of equestrian trails.. Good horse comunity here too.. and a F1 race course and a big Hyatt..
    to say nothing of a bank on every corner.. Someone expects something BIG to happen around here soon..

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