End of April Bucket Fund Blind Filly, Cookie, UPDATE!

Do you remember the blind filly who was born to a mare who had suffered an illness at exactly the wrong time during her pregnancy which rendered her unborn filly blind?

The story is linked here.

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Sweet blind baby, Cookie.  But her blindness could be repaired through surgery.


I spoke with the Desert Pine Equine in Las Vegas, NV and they told me that our donation helped the hospital bring in a special piece of equipment that made the surgery much easier and more efficient.

Cookie did very well and the surgery was a huge success!

Surgery Team at

Surgery Team at Desert Pine Equine Hospital, Las Vegas, NV.

Amazing.  Thank you, Horse and Man Group for helping make this happen - saving her life.

Amazing. Thank you, Horse and Man Group for helping make this happen – saving her life.


I was hoping to get a new pic of Mama and baby together – if I do, I will post it.  For now, I received this note from her owner:

Cookie is as sweet as always. When she first came out of surgery, the nerves between her brain and her eyes did not work because they had never been used. So everything freaked her out as she could SEE but could not process what she saw. With time, the neural pathways grew and she is a normal horse now.  She also had some issues with “fibrins” which are proteins the body sends to heal. Unfortunately in the eye, it becomes a cloudy mess and her right eye had to be injected a week after surgery to break up the proteins. She came home after 10 days and had 5 medications for each eye as well as antibiotics. We treated her eyes every 6 hours until Monday. She had her 3 1/2 week checkup on Monday and they were Very pleased with her eyes.

YAY!  Thank you all for helping!

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  1. Miss Jan

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