Meet Xena the Fighter: Attacked and then dragged off and left to die locked inside of a gated power station. LET’S HELP HER!


She was found locked inside of a fenced electrical station.  She had been dragged – by a wire found on the ground – from wherever she was attacked (by what, we don’t know…) into this cage, left to die.

In this picture, rescuers are walking her out of the power station cage and down to an awaiting trailer.

WARNING:  The next images (below) of the wounds are very graphic…

This is Xena the Fighter being led to the awaiting trailer and help...

This is Xena the Fighter being led to the awaiting trailer and help…

This is Xena, on her way to a safe place to be worked on by volunteer vet, Bryn.

This is Xena, on her way to a safe place to be worked on by volunteer vet, Bryn.


No one knows….

All we know is that Xena was found by hikers who passed by the power station and saw a bleeding horse, locked inside.

This is what the rescuers had to say:

I (Elisa) found her while hiking with my husband. I put out a call to AC and also posted her on my FB tagging a few fellow animal lovers for help with my phone number. I got several calls.  Lisa was ready to go with a trailer and available Vet.  Sarah offered the trailer, space, and 24/7 care of the wounds. Lisa did all background stuff got the vet in play, trailer and space.

AC control told me they were putting her down and I asked for time to network her and the name of field supervisor so I could direct Lisa and Bryn (volunteering veterinarian).

We found her at 11am, AC got there at 12, Lisa and Sarah met up with AC at 130 and Doc got there at 145. They started working on her at 2:20 and finished cleaning, suturing and dressing by 9pm.

There is a lot of work to be done to put her back together and keep her infection free... We can help this very strong girl!

There is a lot of work to be done to put her back together and keep her infection free… We can help this very strong girl!

Let’s let Elsa’s light shine on Xena!

Hosing her down to begin the work.

Hosing her down to begin the work.


Volunteer vet, Bryn, sedating this very courageous mare.


The very tedious work of cleaning and debriding each wound and sewing them all. This took hours. The entire time, Xena had to be properly sedated and watched. Bravo to everyone involved! Very tough, delicate and tedious work.

You can follow Xena's progress on her FB page.  Click image to go.

You can follow Xena’s progress on her FB page. Click image to go.

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  1. Richard Grion

    This is a travesty and whoever these unscrupulous and cruel people are ought to be brought to justice as quickly as possible. Perhaps a reciprocal penalty should be to revert to Roman times and put them in a stadium with some hungry lions.

    Thanks to all who rescued this mare and have devoted time and affection to get her pointed towards healing and a better life.

  2. Connie Austin

    I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who helped with Xena, you are very SPECIAL People.
    God Bless you

  3. Susan

    Shauna, You are right, She definitely looks owned. I would think though if it was a cougar attack she would have wounds higher up and there would be more marks that looked like claw marks plus she would have been left in her pasture instead of put into a fenced in area that more than likely was closed with a chain and lock. I know every situation is different but it definitely looks like dogs to me. In my experience dogs go for the chest, elbows and flanks because that is all they can reach. The pics I have seen of cougar attacks to livestock have wounds to the throat, withers and a lot of times the back. My guess would be that she was probably dragged into the cage to let the dogs finish her off so that no one would hear or see and so that she nor the dogs had anywhere to go. This is a very sad situation and I wish her and everyone involved the best of luck!

  4. skylar

    can anyone tell me where this was? I’m in Palmdale CA and have had 2 horses come up with gross gaping wounds requiring 100 stitches or more and no explanation how it happened. they were both in the last 2 months. one a leg and the other her face. does anyone know of cases reported around here?

  5. Shauna

    Obviously she belonged to someone. Look how she is fairly fresh shoed. Are people sure this isnt a cougar attack? No need to get people freaked out if this isnt a true fact. Bless her heart. Prayers for a fast recovery.

  6. tammie schlessman

    this is so sad to see this, I hope and pray that they find who did this and punish them to the fullest, I have 2 horses and if anyone ever did this to my horses, I would be putting them 6feet under, but before I did that I would give them a beaten to remember for what they did to xena, and thank you lord for the rescuers that rescue her, if it wasn’t for you xena would not be here, prayers going out for a speedy recovery for xena,

  7. Jan Phelps

    Had I been anywhere near this place there would be a lot of dead animals and wounded watchers. I’d smash them in the head with baseball bat…how cruel……

  8. Elisa

    Jessica I do too. Local L.A. Channel 7 is doing a story on her. I hope we smoke the responsible party out and the are prosecuted accordingly.

  9. Jessica

    I smell a snake in the grass. I hope there is an investigation into this so that any guilty party is brought to justice. And who’s horse is this anyway? Whatever happened this horse was traumatized and I’m grateful to the hikers for helping.

  10. Gerrie

    Poor baby, I bet someone found her attacked and drug her in the cage so she would not get eaten , by wild animals. Too bad they did not call anyone, but maybe if they did call AC she would just be put down. Thank goodness the people who found her (the rescuers ) , networked her and found help for her. Now she has a chance.

  11. Shellie

    God love her and bless her! AND God Bless all the people who helped her!! I hope she heals up from all of the damage! Just makes me sick how somebody could leave her locked up in there ,and leave her to die like that but thank God there are wonderful loving people out there to save her!

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