Our Elsa girl didn’t make it… Goodbye sweet princess. She couldn’t even stand, but she moved mountains.

This is so sad.

Our Elsa didn’t make it.

Although it isn’t surprising for a horse who was barely alive to succumb to her injuries… we all had hoped and prayed so hard…we thought we could make a difference.

And, we did.

Just not in the way we humans had hoped…

We had hoped for her survival.

But perhaps that wasn’t her final hope…

Perhaps the recovery would have been too painful.  Perhaps she had been given just enough relief for her little heart to feel free enough to let go.

Or perhaps her job was done…

This photo will live forever...

This photo will live forever… This was Elsa the day she was rescued.


Frozen to the ground, she was helpless, hopeless… yet she pleaded.

And someone came, finally.

Perhaps Elsa pleaded not for her rescue, but for the rescue of her dam, Anna.

Perhaps Elsa pleaded for all the world’s horses.

Her photo, her story, her struggle, her horrible abuses by man – and then the incredible outpouring of support by man – has gelled a movement…

…in the first days in the first month of the Year of the Horse.

So very many people rallied with Elsa - 24/7 love and care.

So very many people rallied with Elsa – 24/7 love and care.


I like to think that Elsa’s job on earth was to bring thousands of people together and pull a rush of sentiment forward during the initiation of the Year of the Horse.

I like to think that HorseGod knew Elsa had done such an incredible job of bringing humans together against animal abuse that he nickered to her softly and said he had a reward for her now that she had finished her job…  I like to think that HorseGod offered her total peace, total love, all the food she could eat, all the freedom and comforts available to a horse, anything she could ever want… without having to go through the pain of recovery.

That probably sounded pretty good to her.

She had brought us all together and it was now up to us to carry on…

Elsa had done enough.

Time for her to collect her prize.

And, she agreed…

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 5.48.10 PM

Love and comfort.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 5.47.29 PM

The initial borrowed sling. Note the time in the morning…

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 5.46.13 PM

She had new wraps to help support her weakened legs.

Her new sling had come and volunteers worked tirelessly to rig it for little Elsa.

Her new sling had come and volunteers worked tirelessly to rig it for little Elsa.


Elsa’s legacy… her photo, frozen to the ground… will live on.

She couldn’t even stand, yet she moved mountains.

This girl did not endure in vain.

We promise.

She sleeps... with a mouthful of hay.  Peace.

She sleeps… with a mouthful of hay. Peace.



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  1. Peg

    I’m so sorry Elsa didn’t make it. At least at the end she must have known love & that the angels were taking care of her. I’m just wondering why wasn’t she given an IV – to hydrate her & replenish lost vitamins & minerals? I mean no offense. That was just the 1st thought that came to mind.

  2. Kaaren Sayers

    I want to say how upset I am reading about that poor little darling Elsa in fact I am crying as I write this. RIP you darling little Elsa & as someone else wrote at least after the terrible suffering you had to endure at least you were found by people who cared enough to look after you & feed you & keep you warm before you obviously could’nt keep going any longer. Thank you so much to the people concerned with the attempt to save her! I absolutely hate people who are cruel to any animal & hope they get what they deserve! Karma sometimes works in mysterious ways!! Amen!!

  3. Joanne

    Yes, there is a Horse God. And a Dog God. And a Cat God. Just like the tooth fairy and Santa Claus…they are all sent by the REAL God to comfort us in our time of sorrow or our times of celebration. Yes, Steven, we all know humans are starving and neglected every day…but this blog is not about that. It’s a tribute to a sweet little innocent horse that has brought thousands of people together in her short time here on earth, united to do something about the suffering inflicted on animals by HUMANS. Please give us that. There are other blogs available to you for suffering humans, but not on this one. This is all about Elsa, our beloved Elsa, and we refuse to let your comments interrupt our grief. Thanks for your concern for humans who are abused and hungry. But that’s another subject, another day, another blog.

  4. Julie Holt


  5. Steven

    HorseGod? Seriously? This is why marihuana should be illegal. It is a horse, a pretty horse. However, thousands of HUMANS de each day from lack of food and abuse.

  6. David

    It is difficult to describe how sad and hurt it makes me feel. It is very unsettling. I say a little prayer that God will show me how to help in a better way. An awful lot of people shed a tear for a little horse that was forgotten to starve and freeze to the ground and die because good people tried to help and Dawn wrote about it. I guess the more people that feel unsettled like me the better.

  7. Scarlette Wilde

    OMG poor Baby…WHY…WHY…WHY…I hope she did not die in vain and that her mother lived. I hope that the people that caused this senseless waste of a sweet life are brought to justice, so this will not be repeated again. I would like more detail on Ella. Thank God you found her when you did, and tried to save her….This is very very SAD…………Rest in peace Ella on the other side of Rainbow Bridge…

  8. Joni

    Dawn, your words make me cry and you say everything so well. Right now, my emotions are numb and so sad. Dear Elsa and all of those who suffer at the hand of unkind people, we loved you even though we didn’t know you. And, thank you to those we don’t know who rallied together to help one innocent soul.

  9. Antoinette Delarosbil

    R.I.P. oh poor little one. No animal should have to go through this. She pulled a lot of people together to cheer for her. Kudos to all that helped this little one go to peace restfully. Blessings to all of you.

  10. Delrene

    So very sorry she had to suffer so but she was surrounded by love in her last days and hours. Thank you for your beautiful words to help alleviate my sorrow. I do hope her plight will raise awareness of cruelty. Her story must be told over and over all around the nation. I am not prepared to forgive who did this to her and her mom and I do hope criminal charges and punishment awaits this person.

  11. Ronijennings

    So heartbreaking. Poor little mite. She certainly shone a light on the consequences of neglect from their humans. She also got to be with her mama for a while. And if nothing else, it was good for the mother to see that some humans cared enough to help her baby. Thank you for all the effort on her behalf.

  12. Susan

    What I would like to see is the person who owned her stripped bare…tied to the ground on a frozen night..water poured all over them…and left there alone all night…that would be the sentence that douche bag murderer deserves.

  13. Becki

    So very sorry about the loss of this precious soul…I do know in my heart animal come and then give their lives to teach us humans so much…her legacy will live on…Her spirit is free and happy and free of pain and suffering.

  14. Jan

    This precious baby stole my heart from day one. She did do her job on this earth showing how such good folks can try to right a horrible wrong! You folks are amazing and our God will be taking her forward. I have shed many tears for this little girl but do know you helped her get to where she needed to go so that she could let go of her suffering and now be free of pain. Know she loved all of you. God Bless you all for what you do.

  15. Rev. Wanda Shoap

    The heaviness of tears have torn our hearts in a profound way, but the love our hearts now hold has grown, in abounding oneness forever. Elsa has brought us into unity and for a cause that reaches over all that is compassion and grace. Her lesson was short, yet as powerful as the thundering heavens, one that should never be forgotten and one that never should be repeated. The truth that she has left behind has lit our way in bright rays of kindness to all, great and small. The wall she had to climb was steep, her way was filled with the desire to love… and in her giving she LOVED us ALL! What a blessing she was to have left us enter her stall.

  16. Deedie

    At least she knew love. Sometimes the last moments in life are the most remarkable.

  17. Shelly Boscoe

    Although my heart is broken that we cannot enjoy seeing you get well sweet Elsa, I am so glad you are no longer suffering. I truly pray that Elsa’s suffering is not in vain…..that people who think that what was done to her is okay be made to pay for their cruelty and inhumane souls. This has simply got to stop, no more suffering for the precious animals that look to us for their care. Please God let this be the outcome of Elsa’s suffering, may she be running free and happy forever.

  18. Gina

    I am just so very sad over this. The cruelty of people towards helpless animals amazes me and saddens me to no end. What is the status of charges, etc. for the person(s) responsible? I would like some info on that please.

  19. Kim Isaac

    Rest in peace sweet Elsa. So sorry you endured such pain by an ignorant human being that obviously had no heart and no business having any animals. I’m very glad that you did get to feel the love you deserved from human beings that saw and felt your beauty and sweetness until the very end of your short little journey here on Earth. I just know you crossed the Rainbow Bridge running and frolicking with other ponies and horses.
    Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to help her survive. You are angels on Earth.

  20. Jean Tozar

    So sorry Elsa l lost her fight.. But she hopefully has awakened a giant of “awareness” that will continue exposing neglect & abuse. These people should NEVER be allowed yo own an animal again. In fact a list should be started to expose such ibdividuals. God bless the hands who lovingly cared for her.
    Gratefully & tearfully,

  21. Gayle-Suzanne Barron

    My Tears, Heart, Thoughts And Prayers Are With Precious, Miss Elsa, You, Your Family And Your Animal Children, My Beloved a Friend. <3
    Rest In Father God's Loving Arms Of Joy And Peace, Sweet Girl! <3
    You Will Never Be Forgotten! <3
    AMEN! <3

  22. Dana del Castillo

    Dear Dawn,
    THANK-YOU so much for your powerful loving words, for shedding so much light about little Elsa. What a courageous and sweet little soul….
    And yes, she truly moved mountains and reminded us once again that we must join together and work diligently to support and advocate for the voiceless …the work is never done….my tears are for her and for all others out there waiting for us… Thank-you once again for your beautiful words.

  23. Virginia Rice

    Maybe today is the day to start “Elsa’s Law”, a law to show the world that this kind of abuse will not be tolerated. A law making it a felony to abuse an animal, any animal! A law that will put aside the slap on the wrist that abusers get and make it HURT! Elsa had a reason on this earth, maybe this is it.

  24. fred dale

    so sad , tis would be nice to think the pain has all gone now , r i p .

  25. Kathy Sutton

    I read that Elsa lost her battle late last night on Face Book. I cried last night and I am crying now. I will never understand how or why people can be so cruel. Every day there are stories about horrific abuse. At least this sweet baby felt love her last days. I hope the person responsible for this rots in jail. Until animal abuse and neglect is made a felony and these scumbags are held responsible it will never stop. RIP sweet Elsa.

  26. Dawn Stephens


    What lovely thoughts on Elsa’s purpose here on earth and her call home. Reading today’s blog lifts the sadness a bit. Your words so eloquently state what we believe here when we lose a rescue. It is some comfort to know that they died knowing they were loved and with a full belly.

    Thanks for all you do,


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