Karen Everhart , Executive director; co-founder
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc. – and the rescue heading up the rehabilitation of the Kansas 53, wrote this to us after yesterday’s post:

A HUGE THANK YOU from Rainbow Meadows (in Kansas). Your support will help us ensure the recovery of the Kansas 53!!

And we have update photos!


Here are some of the YEARLINGS AND 2 YEAR-OLDS that were malnourished and stunted.

THIS FILLY has made the most remarkable recovery. When she arrived, she couldn’t stand. She was considered one of the worst of the 53. LOOK AT HER! Good Job!

Remember these very sickly yearlings and 2 year-olds… here are two BEFORE photos.

AFTER:  This is the tiny, very fuzzy one. Look at him now! He has curly genes!

AFTER:  Clearly, they still have weight to gain… These are some of the others!!  All haltered and looking great!

MORE OF THE PREGNANT MARES… all looking skinny but much better!

We didn’t focus on these mares, but they are all part of the malnourished and horribly managed herd.

She looks much better. We didn’t focus on these mares during the campaign, but they are part of the 53.

She doesn’t look happy to have a human in her stall… but she is definitely in better shape now – awaiting her baby.  Hard to believe, but this mare is almost full term, we are told.

She is ready to pop!


This mare, who we all hoped would make it, lost her baby… and suffered a horrible choke and respiratory failure.  She was humanely put down – probably she had lost her will to survive.  She was morose after the stillbirth and never recovered.


This was the topline intake photo of one very pregnant mare, who had her baby successfully!

The mare still has a skinny topline and hip, but she birthed this baby!!



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