EMERGENCY JUNE BUCKET FUND for 2 SURVIVING ABANDONED STALLIONS – starved, slipper feet, one already passed. (IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ~ if you like the blog and would bring me a coffee or a cupcake on this day, instead please treat these horses with a donation!)

I HATE seeing horses in a bad way.  I HATE seeing horses abandoned by their owners.  But I especially hate when people keep conformationally unsound stallions (why?) and then abandon them.

This is so disgusting.

One of the original three passed last week from his starvation.   All three were rescued by RVR Horse Rescue, but only 2 made it through the first hours.  RVR is doing everything they can to help the surviving 2 stallions.  Vets have determined that with proper nutrition and proper farrier work over time, these young boys can recover.

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This is the stallion they are calling “Tiny”. He is starved and has slipper feet.

This is Rowdy. He is starved, matted and very, very sore from his slipper feet. He needs farrier care, food and to be gelded when he is strong enough.


I feel the surviving two could make it, if they had help with the gelding procedure (now that they are older and the operation is more delicate), several farrier treatments and solid, healthy food and supplements.  I’m thinking $750 each would make a HUGE difference for them and set them solidly on the healing path.

ON MY BIRTHDAY, can we right this wrong?!  If you were ever going to buy me a coffee or a cupcake on my birthday because you’ve enjoyed the blog  – PLEASE GIVE instead to these horses.  Many thanks in advance!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Please only do what feels right to you… I always make sure the animal is obtaining the best course of action. Vets have radiographed these stallions
    and have determined that they can be helped with proper farrier work over time. Nothing is guaranteed, but these guys are young and have a very good
    chance of recovering. So, for me, it is worth the gamble to right the wrong. (I will add this to the post for others that may have the same question – Thank you!)

  2. Calvin48

    I am happy to donate to the fund on your birthday, but looking at the photos of the horses’ feet, I wonder if it would be kinder to put them down? So many sound horses are shipped out of the country to be slaughtered, wouldn’t it be better to use the money to rescue them?

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