AN UPDATE on Buddy and Goliath!

I received a current photo on Buddy, our January Bucket Fund horse.

To read his initial Bucket Fund story, click here.

It is heartwarming to see an older horse put on weight during winter.  I’m sure his warm coats have helped along with lots of great nutritional food and lots of much needed love.

Buddy continues to have body work to help his dropped hip, but there seems to be no pain in the area, so that’s good.  He has come a long way in 6 weeks and thank you all for your support!


Goliath was our Bucket Fund baby from April, 2020.

You can read about him here.

Goliath in his first casts as an infant.

Goliath as a healthy baby… but walking on his toes.

This wild baby was born with contracted tendons so he could not stand to nurse.  He was saved by LRTC and nursed to health through many vet visits and castings of those legs.  Last month, Goliath had tendon surgery – and it was very successful!  He is walking flat footed!

I’m told he stands at 14’2 and he is only 10 months old!  Goliath truly is a goliath!

Goliath after his tendon surgery.


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