A breakout, a Pony King crush – and a reckoning.

This morning, while I was still in bed, I heard big horses running.

Uh oh.

This isn’t supposed to be possible because the paddock near my bedroom houses the Pony King and the new jennys.


So I got up, went out to the paddock and saw… DALTON.  Huh?  Dalton and The Pony King Rocky Balboa were standing together.

Ethel Merdonk and Princess Buttercup Pebbles were way out in the 5 acre field.  Mo and Missy Miss were at their usual feeder in their usual pen – which can only mean…

…Dalton had broken out the newbies.

Hmmmm.  What harm could become of this, really?  No one was fighting or kicking or misbehaving… may as well let them get to know one another.

Couldn’t hurt, could help.

After a while, it was a mismash of horses, donkeys and a pony.

However, by dinnertime, it kinda felt like equine high school drama.  I had to break up a fight, put everyone back in their corners and soothe a poor broken-hearted pony.

Don’t worry.  I will let them play again.  As often as they want.


I woke up to Dalton in the pony pasture. But, happily, I saw that The Pony King Rocky Balboa was standing very close… closer than he stands to the jennys.

A little later, I noted that Rocky was following Dalton around… very sweet. Rocky wanted to be with the big horses – or at least, this big horse. I have never seen Rocky follow anyone else before.

A bit later, I see that the jennys are back and Missy Miss and Mo are now in the pony pasture as well. Here is Rocky, Mo in the distance, Ethel Merdonk at the feeder, Missy Miss in back of Dalton on the far right. Princess BCP is at the fence to the lower field.

In the afternoon, I noted that Dalton and Rocky were in the huge field with Missy Miss coming towards me. Again, Rocky chooses to be with Dalton.

This is when the trouble began… Mo was becoming upset about the pony interloper at feeding time.

At dinnertime, Mo is standing in front of Rocky, not letting him follow Dalton into their paddock. Missy Miss is coming out to provide backup.

It is difficult to see here, but what you are looking at is Mo and Missy Miss standing strong and pushing Rocky back to his own paddock.

Rocky was upset. He wanted in with Dalton. I had to lure him back to his paddock with yummy new hay.

In the meantime, Ethel Merdonk and Princess BCP had earlier made their way back into their paddock.


AND… Norma Jean and Gwen watched from the safety of the “Old Girls'” pen in the middle.

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