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From what I think I heard through the tears, they found that her heart had been terribly weakened through the neglect.  Once they had cleared one side of her lung via Tuesday’s surgery, they could see her heart.  After an ultrasound and a cardio exam – it was determined that her heart was not strong enough for her to have any quality of life upon her recovery. The decision was made to let her pass comfortably and not endure the recovery process when there was no hope for her.

We are all devastated.

She knew love and she felt immensely better after her surgery.  However, her heart was damaged beyond repair.

I have stopped the Bucket Fund.  All funds thus far will go towards Ambrosia’s medical fees.

I am so sorry for Theresa who stood by Ambrosia’s side.  I’m sorry for all of us who felt such hope when we saw the recent light in Ambrosia’s eyes.

If any of you would like your funds to be returned to you – I am happy to do so.  Just email me:

We can use your donation to help pay her medical fees, or we can return it.  No worries.


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Mostly good news!

(If you are new to our September Bucket Fund Story, click here for the details.  In short, this young, abandoned and neglected mare needs the same surgery our daughter, Katarina, had this summer.  Our daughter is recovering well!  And, luckily, she could tell us how she felt before, during and after her illness.  Because of this, I know how a patient with this kind of pleurisy feels – and I know it can be cured.  I have great empathy for this mare.)

Luckily for Ambrosia, BHFER had enough pledges to move forward with her first surgery on her right lung.  This life saving surgery was to remove the abscesses and gunk trapped behind her ribs where antibiotics could not travel – the same surgery Katarina had…

Ambrosia’s surgery yesterday was successful except for a small oxygen lung leak which was immediately repaired.

But, so far, so good.  They were able to close the weak tissue.

All in all, the surgeons removed 10lbs of gunk.


It has to feel better without that massive infection pustule in there…

Ambrosia had surgery to one lung – success! With one lung cleared, she is breathing at 60% capacity. One lung to go!



After the surgery on just one side, Ambrosia was breathing at 60% of capacity today!

She’s eating and drinking…

The other bit of news is that the surgeons had to remove almost all of her infected rib.


Double ouch.

That had to hurt.

I know that when my father lost a rib (due to a heart condition), he was in severe pain … until it healed.  He had no choice.

Yup.  The price of health. Fixing it hurts.

But, Ambrosia is a trooper and the girl keeps powering through it all and improving.


The vets and surgeons all say Ambrosia has an amazing attitude!  She keeps rolling with it all and she lets them do what they need to do without fussing.

Clearly, she is not out of the woods… she needs to gain strength to endure the surgery on the other lung.

So, they are all watching her closely and supporting her needs – in hopes that she continues to improve.

She woke up well and was alert within the hour during recovery.



Ambrosia needs the other abscesses and nastiness to be removed from her left lung as soon as possible – to prevent the infection from taking over.  Most likely this will happen once she has recovered from yesterday’s surgery.

The Bucket Fund is raising funds for her left lung surgery and the aftercare.

Her voracious appetite was not abated! This girl is reveling in feeling good – even if it is just one lung!


All I can tell you is that when our daughter had this surgery – the exact same surgery except she didn’t lose a rib – afterwards she was in dire pain, but she felt so much better because she didn’t feel like she couldn’t breathe.

She didn’t feel like she was suffocating anymore.

So for me, even though this surgery is scary and expensive, it makes all the difference.

Having the surgery gives the patient a feeling of relief.  Even though it hurts like heck, the suffocation is gone.  And that is huge!

For me, I feel that Ambrosia is doing so well in spite of the pain because she actually feels better – If you can believe that…

I think this surgery pain is better than the feeling of drowning

From what my daughter said, she would take any pain over feeling like she couldn’t get air.

Look at her bright eyes! Just a few days after being rescued at death’s door! Amazing. Our daughter brightened up just like this after her surgery, too! She felt so relieved to not be drowning anymore!



I will keep you posted.

If you’d like to donate to the Bucket Fund to help pay for Ambrosia’s treatment, click here.  Every single drop put into the Bucket Fund goes directly to Ambrosia.


From lungs filled with fluid and pleurisy to one lung cleared and massive antibiotic boosts… look at the difference! Love, care and medicine are changing this young mare’s world! Click image for the Bucket Fund!


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  1. peg4x4

    She had all she had hoped for at the end – all a horse really hopes for,food she could eat,all the water she wanted,and people that cared enough to make the pain go away.

  2. Shirley

    I am glad Ambrosia is no longer suffering…and so thankful that she knew human kindness for a short while. Please don’t stop this months bucket fund, Ambrosia’s care should be covered, and maybe any leftover could go towards the care of the burned horse you featured earlier this month…God bless you and your work for the horses..

  3. Missy

    I am so sorry for the folks at BHFER that worked so hard for Ambrosia. But if you look at that picture of her at the bucket, she looks content. She knew she was okay. Food, water, soft stall and air conditioning. She was already in heaven. I am so grateful that she had all that this week.

  4. Jody Brittain

    Another donation for Ambrosia’s second surgery. There is something in her eyes, that grabs my heart! Such a sweet, sweet mare!

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