AMBROSIA HAS PASSED. HER HEART WAS TOO COMPROMISED due to the neglect. The Bucket Fund will go towards her medical bills but If you would like your donation returned, please just let me know…


After clearing the infection on Tuesday, the surgeons were able to see her heart… An Ultrasound was performed today plus an extensive Cardio exam.

The specialists said that her heart had suffered too much during the neglect and it would not sustain her should she recover from the pneumonia.  She would never regain her health.  Eventually, her heart would give out.

She was allowed to cross rather than endure the stresses of her recovery.  Everyone is devastated.

This photo was taken today.  She was happy with special food, soft bedding, air conditioning and love – she had known kindness.  Ambrosia had gained over 60lbs in a week…

The Bucket Fund monies will be used for her medical fees.  However, if anyone would like a refund of their donation, please email me ( and I will make that happen for you.   No worries.  I understand if you feel cheated.  We all do… But not because of ill intention.  Only because of sadness for this mare who regained her twinkle – and now has her wings.


Taken this morning… she knew good food (she gained over 60lbs!), plenty of water, nice bedding and love. She had a very good week, all in all. And now she has her wings. Thank you all who tried to help her through kindness and donations.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Jody Brittain

    OH MY GOSH! This is so sad! My heart just breaks! Please use my donation for her final expenses. Now I gotta go get some more tissue! Thank you for the update.

  2. MET

    I feel so sad for Theresa, how hard this must be for her. But she was right to try, as it appears she always does. I would like my donation to go towards Ambrosia’s medical care. I hope many others feel the same.

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