36 Years-young FINALLY RETIRED RENTAL HORSE NEEDS HELP with surgery for a very painful eye. A Fast and Furious BUCKET FUND for this wonderful guy who gave his life to serve humans!

Meet Justin.  He is 36 years old and spent his life as a lead string horse for Wallace Ranch in Lakeview Terrace, CA.

His entire life, all day, every day in the hot sun, he did what he was told and brought thousands of humans safely around Hansen Dam.

Wow.  What a good and deserving boy…

Luckily, Justin has since been rescued and is now at Sweet Water Ranch!  He was doing very well in his new, loving environment.

That’s the good news.

This is Justin (grulla) at 35 years old with is best friend, Buster who recently passed away at 42 years old.

This is Justin (Appy/grulla) at 35 years-old with is best friend, Buster who recently passed away at 42 years-old.


Justin had a best friend – who we helped in 2013 – Buster.  Buster recently passed at age 42.

Justin also had a sponsor, up until a few months ago…

Now Justin has lost his best friend, lost his sponsor and has a bad eye from uveitis (Moon Blindness).  He needs a boost – badly.  Poor Guy.

He was doing so well in his new, loving environment.

close up

Poor Justin lost his best friend, his sponsor and just recently came up with horrible Moon Blindness in his left eye.


This sweet, 36 year-old gentleman gave his life as a string horse, safely leading humans around on his back, and now he needs help with his very painful eye.  He can barely open it, even with his special mask.

WHAT WE CAN DO!  Sponsor him (how fun!)  and/or Donate!

TO SPONSOR JUSTIN:  He needs a few new sponsors to help him in his older years…    It would mean so much!  If you’d like to sponsor him, Please email Candi at:  email me (cccswr@gmail.com).  ANY AMOUNT, really!  Older horses are like younger horses, they have more issues – so any sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

We can help Justin directly AND QUICKLY with his eye pain.  We can collect $1500 to allow him to have surgery immediately!  We can do this!  Pocket change and Starbucks money adds up very quickly and would mean the world to this very deserving gelding!

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JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES!  Every donation counts!  Click image to see the new pieces!

JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES! Every sale counts! Click image to see the new pieces!

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  1. Candi Cooper / CEO SWR

    Hi Met ,
    Yes Justin is getting daily ointment and meds. He is under our rescue vets care with twice a month check ups. We will do everything to keep him comfortable and save his vision. Thank you for caring about the animals :)

  2. MET

    Is he getting any prescribed eye ointment to help with the pain and inflammation? Poor old guy. I have an old guy myself who came from a mean background.

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