While flipping through a catalog, I stumbled upon a Leslie Anne Webb rug…

(Glory had her baby!  Palomino paint colt.  Pics later!)

So, for days I’ve been watching Marestare and hoping to catch Glory as she foals (here is that link)…  In fact, I was so sure she was going to foal this evening, I didn’t prepare a blog because I was certain that I would capture the birth – or at least present the story and photos of the new foal to you.

Well… it is now 10:13 pm and I’m still staring at a very pregnant and immobile little mini-mare who is standing in the corner of her stall – not giving birth.

Oops.  I guess I’d better write about something because it is past my bedtime and nothin’ is happenin’ with Glory.  (I’m sure that once I write this entire blog post, she will foal – or at least I hope she does, the poor girl looks so uncomfortable…)


Poor little Glory, standing in the corner of her stall. Still very pregnant at 11:15 pm...


So, what does one do when they are staring at an image on their computer?  Well, I filed my nails and did a bunch of mindless paperwork.  I ate far too much Easter candy.  I considered what I might have to sell on Ebay while I was sitting here (multi tasking)… found nothing.  I remembered a show I saw called ‘Extreme Couponing’ so I went online to see what coupons I could find – but lost interest.

Basically, I ran out of things to do in front of my computer so I moved over to the magazine/catalog pile.  In that towering  mountain of printed, shiny paper, I found the ‘Back in the Saddle’ Catalog.  Have you seen that?

Anyway, as I was perusing it, I dogeared a few pages that I thought I would share with you.


I wasn’t really into serious shopping.  I was really just looking at images and considering how they impacted me while I kept one eye on Glory.  But, I did find a few things interesting.

1)  I thought this item was cute.  A little double entendre.  If you like it, the link is here.


Cute, eh?


2)  I don’t have a bumper-pull trailer, but if I did, I’d love to cover it up with something artistic.  However, when I started thinking about it, I decided if I did buy a lovely trailer hitch cover like this one, I would immediately back into something and wreck it.  But, I liked the idea so I’m showing it to you here.


Trailer hitch cover up


3)  OK, this is just idiotic to me.  (Sorry if any of you bought this already…)  I mean, it isn’t serving any purpose for your horse.  So, the only real purpose is for the owner to giggle at the horse.  Is that fair?  I mean at least they could have made the visor wide and long enough to at least help the horse on sunny days.  Nope.  It looks like a big horse stole a mini horse hat.

But, if you want to purchase one to point and laugh at your horse, here is the link.


C'mon... all the other horses would laugh at him... It doesn't even fit right.

4)  Then I saw this one…


This is a rug so you can walk on the image created by my friend.



Hmmmm.  I thought to myself… my readers could purchase this rug with Leslie’s image printed on it…

OR, MAYBE…  I’ll call Leslie (she’s my neighbor) and tell her that I saw her image in this catalog that I was looking through and wondered if she might want to ‘up the ante’ and do something a little more special and personal (than this mass production piece) for my readers.

And do you know what she said?

She said, “Sure!”   Leslie said that she would personalize, emboss and sign any print purchased from her website if you mentioned that I (Horse and Man) was up late reading through a catalog and chatting with her while staring at Marestare on my computer.

So, there you go!  If any of Leslie’s many, many pieces from her website tickles your fancy, she will make it truly YOURS!

Here is the link to her website.

(Under the FINE ART TAB, you will see several ‘color’ series.  Look through all the originals and click on the image you like to order a print!  She has several sizes.)

See what happens on a Thursday night when two gals get to chatting on the phone!!   She gave us a gift!  And, there is absolutely NO AFFILIATION for any of this other than she is my friend and I think the world of her and I want to share her with you…


Leslie works off of photographs.  I picked a few of my favs for you below.  But she is prolific and has many more on her site.


photo of Mac


Photo of Adoration


Photo of 'Telling Secrets'

Telling Secrets

Photo of her horse, Charlie

Charlie Blue Eyes

photo 'The Sweetest Thing'

The Sweetest Thing

photo 'Oscar Kisses'

Oscar Kisses (I have this one!)

photo 'Whiskey'


And of course, the image on the rug…


The Trio

So many choices!!


THANKS for letting me take you along as I flip through a catalog and chat with my girlfriend!  And, I hope that if any of you ever wanted a piece from Leslie Anne Webb but didn’t think you could afford something signed and personalized, this is her gift to you as we both await the birth of Glory.

G’night all.  THANK YOU for reading!  ;)


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Janie

    I Love the art! It is beautiful…

    Hey! I did the same thing..I KNEW last night she was going to foal..I told my son I thought she would foal last night…I forgot to turn it on in the morning (probably longer then I thought) while watching the Royal Wedding and when i went back there it was!! I am so bummed!! Adorable foal..hope everything is well with it..Vets checked it today…(saw that)

  2. Ronnie

    I do love this catalog, and the rugs, too. Now I know where they come from! thank you!

  3. Linda Horn

    We have baby! I say we, because I’ve been “staring” since this process started. They both look kind of tired, which isn’t surprising. I was the same after the birth of our son.

    I love Leslie’s work. As an artist and former screen-printer, I appreciate how she simplifies each image without losing it’s character. Did she do the Cloud Foundation logo?

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