COWGIRL UP! Western Museum Art Show Extrodinaire with 57 Women Artists!!

I know I’m supposed to write about the relationship between equines and their humans… but I think Western Art fits into that category because artists have to be moved, emotionally, to create art.  And, if the subject matter is horse related, well then that is a relationship between the artist and a horse-like environment.  Or something like that.

Anyway, I cannot hide that I am an art fanatic.  I even owned a gallery for 10 years.  Problem was that I wanted to KEEP IT ALL!   So now, instead, I flip through magazines and drool, which is what I did today.  You see, my new COWBOYS AND INDIANS magazine arrived…  I did my usual.  I ripped out what I liked.  Sometimes I use the pages scattered around my feet as blog fodder.

Today, I saw a small article for an art event called, COWGIRL UP!  It is an exhibition of Women Western Artists  at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Arizona on March 25 – 27th.

This was the image I saw in COWBOYS AND INDIANS... it is by Sarah J. Webber and titled, "THELMA AND LOUISE"


I clicked onto the website and saw this:

Click image to go to the website

I kinda chuckled when they said it was:


But then again, maybe it is the most important show and sale for Western Women artists, what do I know?…  So I decided to call the museum to hear more.  Luckily, I ended up speaking to the Director of the museum (very learned and professional).  In a nutshell, this is what he said:

The museum is an authentic Western museum.  They have between 20,000 and 30,000 square feet of exhibit space.  It is also a non-profit.  And, this show and sale is the only fundraiser they will have all year.  The percentage they retain from the sale (actually, quite modest — he told me the amount) goes towards operating expenses.

So, the year round exhibits of Western gear and memorabilia will be totally removed for this event.   The entire space is filled with the art of these 57 ladies.  On top of that, where would you ever be able to see 57 women artists at once?  The show/sale runs for 5 weeks.

–So I agree that 57 woman artists showing in one space IS the most important exhibition and sale for Western Women Artists.  So there.  Shut me up, for sure.

CLICK on this list of artists to go to the page


OK, what I liked about this art show and sale over other art shows and sales was not just the number of wonderful artists, but… the ENTERTAINMENT aspect of this particular event.

You see, the website had a “package” link which listed all the faboo events they have created for this show – and then the hosts offer participants a ‘package deal ticket’ to attend all of it.  Love it!  This allows attendees to relax and know that everything is under control and they can attend whatever they wish to attend.  It is all mapped out and the caretakers have it under control.

Watercolor by M. Haynes Scott

Not only was I impressed that the Museum took the work out of the planning,  but I was impressed that they thought this far ahead and organized more than just the show and sale.  What I mean is that often you trek to a city for a show and once the show is over, you really don’t know what to do with yourself.

In this case, they anticipated out-of-towners or weekend partiers and they created lots to do!  From Friday night until Sunday afternoon, you have choices of events which all sound pretty yummy –  Artists and Patrons’ Party, silent auctions, receptions, lectures, awards, chuck wagon breakfasts… One event is at the Monte Vista Ranch.  I thought… hmmmm, what is the Monte Vista Ranch?  So, I looked it up.

Here is the Monte Vista Ranch.  It seems tasty to me…  I could just see myself warming my little fingers next to the outdoor fireplace as I contemplated the scrumptious eye candy I’d just savored.  Wouldn’t it be fun to get a group together?!

Monte Vista Ranch... Yum!

Yup, I could easily put myself right down there in front of the fireplace...


Well, I know of two of them.   I’ve written (my post here) about Teresa Elliott.

This is one of Teresa Elliott's pieces in the show

I’ve also written (my previous post) about Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey.

One of Nancy Cawdrey's pieces

But, there are 55 others!  I’ve added a few here but if you go to the page linked here, you can click on any artists name and a sample of their work will pop up.  Very nifty.

I liked so many... This one is by Sophy Brown

THE WORK – and miniatures

I was told by James, the director, that this year they are trying a new concept.  MINIATURES.  I think it is a great new concept so I’m writing about it here.

This show isn’t all in miniature, what it means is that upstairs are the larger pieces and on another level are the smaller or “miniature” original works of these artists.  The pieces aren’t miniatures of the larger works, they are their own, individual, original pieces.

If you have ever been to a show and wanted to purchase but couldn’t… or if you have no more wall space, the Miniatures would work wonderfully for you.   I like it!

This is so interesting to me... ink and oil by Amy Ringholz. It is not a miniature


I cut and pasted this from the website because I thought it explained the museum well.

Yet, as impressive as the museum’s art collection is, the story of the West isn’t just confined to its galleries. Visitors are also treated to the Hays’ Spirit of the Cowboy Collection with its mind-boggling array of authentic cowboy gear and memorabilia dating back to the Mexican vaquero tradition. There is a Hall of History where thousands of years of desert frontier history are captured in time. An early Wickenburg Street Scene complete with a general store, hotel, saloon and the fully outfitted rooms of a turn-of-the ccentury home is another favorite. A dazzling Mineral Room and Native American Room, and an exciting exhibit especially for children called Out on the Ranch, add to the experience.

Here is the Museum information:

Desert Caballeros Western Museum
21 North Frontier Street
Wickenburg, Arizona 85390
Tel: 928.684.2272

Visit the Museum at

Oil on linen by V....Vaughan


So, without further ado, here are some works I picked for this page.  But, you should go to the Artists page yourself so you can find your favorites.

Acrylic by Linda Loeschen

A pencil drawing by Karmel Timmons

Oil painting by Gayle Nason

Colorado Blaster (rock) by Gail Jones Sundell

Oil on canvas by Lind St. Clair

Oil on linen by Kathryn Stats

Acrylic on canvas by Carrie Fell

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Amber

    WOW! Loved your post on this event. I am definitely going to check it out. I just happened to be doing some research on an article on women artists and came across your website. Really enjoy and relate to what you are doing here. I originally was running a horse hauling site but it has turned into a whole different thing….mostly content for horsewomen, especially for the over 40 (me….almost 50) crowd…just getting started but I am inspired by your site. Thanks sooo much !!
    fellow horse lover and websiter in training,

  2. Anita

    Hey! I was there last year! It was awesome! Hi-light of our vacation.

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