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It has almost been almost a year since Remi, Rojo and Sam moved up to the SkyDog Sanctuary in Oregon.  (Facebook here)

Do you remember?

It was so hard for me but I knew it was the right thing to do after we moved here to Paso Robles.  This property is just not suitable for somewhat wild horses.  We had no trees, no shelter and no rocks to trim their feet.

I could see the life going out of their eyes.  Especially Remi.  She was miserable here.

Anyway, I drove up to Skydog last year to be there when they were released.  You can read that story here.

Here is a photo of the Stang Gang when they lived with me in Grass Valley.

Sam, Remi and Rojo. I had them for for 8 years – until last year when they had to opportunity to go to Skydog Sanctuary. 9500 acres in Oregon.


When I visited the day after they were released, all three came running when they heard my call.

THAT was amazing.

I wonder if they will come again when I call?

Clare, from Skydog, says that they all act very wild now.  In fact, the caretakers at Skydog were having difficulty haltering Rojo for his vaccinations.


If they don’t come to me, I will be heartbroken BUT I understand that they are reverted and happy without humans.

If they do come to me, I will be THRILLED!!

So… we shall see!

I will tell you all about it when I return! Wish me luck.

I took this photo the day after they were released at Skydog. They came when I called! Sam, Remi and Rojo.


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