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Skydog sent us a beautiful video of Remi and her friends!

As many of you remember, I adopted BLM mustang, Remi, in 2008. She was part of the Grass Valley ‘Stang Gang consisting of Remi, Rojo and Sam.

When we moved to Paso Robles, the ‘Stang Gang was horribly unhappy – and I couldn’t blame them.  There were no trees, no streams, no rocks… only sloped land.  At one point, Remi looked at me with her ears hanging horizontally.  I knew she was depressed.

So… I asked Skydog if she would take the ‘Stang Gang onto her lovely 9700 acre Sanctuary.  She agreed.   Sam passed away two years later… she is buried under a beautiful tree on the gorgeous, free acreage that was her home.  Rojo still lives on Skydog Ranch in Oregon.  Remi was moved to Skydog Malibu because she is older now and needs extra attention to keep her weight.

Today, Skydog sent a video of Remi with her two, older, best friends.  Another trio of friends.  So fitting.  Full circle.

PS:  I’ve seen this view… if the camera had turned to the right, you would have seen the PACIFIC OCEAN.  Yes, Remi lives in Malibu, looking out over the water.  Sigh.  She landed well and she deserved it.  She is a powerful, wonderful, lovely tempered, sweet mare.

Click here to watch the video.

Remi is the bay with the bald face – in the middle.

Click image to watch the video of Remi and her new friends.

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A glimpse of Rojo!

As you all know, Rojo is living his best life at Skydog Sanctuary.

I adopted Rojo in 2011 from the Carson City Prisoner Trained Mustang Adoption event.  Rojo lived very happily on our Grass Valley ranchette.  However, he was NOT interested in being ridden…   Although he was very polite, this boy wanted to be free.  When we moved to Paso Robles, Rojo and Remi were miserable.  This terrain isn’t suitable for wild horses.  Luckily, Skydog agreed to take my wild horses and let them live free on their 9600 acre ranch.

Rojo’s ad in the Prisoner Adoption pamphlet.

Remi, Sam and Rojo, my wild horses, on our Grass Valley Ranchette. As you can see, the terrain there was perfect for wild horses. They self trimmed, had ample cover and hills/valleys/streams to use and keep them fit. When we moved to Paso Robles, our terrain was not good for wild horses at all. Skydog Sanctuary agreed to take Remi, Sam and Rojo so they could live free on their 9600 acre ranch. Sam passed in 2018 and is buried at Skydog. Remi lives at the Skydog Malibu ranch. Rojo is on the Oregon Ranch, with Hunter.


Yesterday, Skydog Instagram posted a short video of Rojo grooming with Hunter, another mustang living at Skydog.


Mutual grooming starring Hunter and Rojo. One of the most common social behaviors of horses is mutual grooming. It is expressed by the lateral parallel body position of two horses that allows for nibbling along the back or withers of each horse. While this behavior can be considered grooming, it is also thought to facilitate pair-bonding and dominance structure between band mates. The horse seeks to form a ‘pair bond’ basically a buddy which it will allow within its personal space. The original purpose of this was presumably to permit grooming between the two horses to reduce parasites, as seen in many other species. This mutual grooming also serves to reaffirm the bond between horses and reduce social tension within the group. Mutual grooming behaviors are an important activity because they help create social bonds. According to recent studies, “feel good” hormones are increased in horses that undergo mutual grooming sessions, and horses also have preferred grooming partners. One of the most adorable things is that if I start to scratch on a horse they will often try and reciprocate and start nuzzling along my shoulders or back which feels like an honor. One of the things I miss the most right now is a good massage as we are all working hard but sadly my preferred mutual grooming partner husband is down in Malibu ?????? so I might go out later and see if I can convince Cassidy ? #skydoghunter #skydogrojo #mutualgrooming #passthesafeact #emptythepens #livewildstayfree #adoptblmmustangs #mustangsmatter #stoptheroundups #savedfromslaughter #killpenrescue #mustangsanctuary #teamskydog #bekind #keepyourassathome


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!