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October Bucket Fund Receipts, Western Spursuaders and FREE RIDE Western Safety Stirrups!


(You can read Hope’s story here.)

You readers were incredible once again!  Not only did we reach our $2500 goal for little Hope’s surgery and recovery, we exceeded it by $10! Bravo!

I will continue to give you updates on Hope.  She is doing great and recovering right on schedule!  One leg is straightening faster than the other so they are watching this closely.  However, uneven straightening is to be expected so no worries there.

Once the vets give the go-ahead, the final surgeries on each leg will be performed.  Sooner than later, Hope will never have to worry about tripping herself or compression sores again!

The first payment we made early to cover the surgery costs and some recovery items.


This is the final payment.



I have written about Spursuaders previously (linked here).

But today, I noticed that they have added a new Western style to their product.  Wow!  Good News!  I was thinking that many of you might be interested in a Western pair…

The new Western Spursuaders



Here is a photo of the design.  It is pretty evident how they work, and how they are less intrusive.  The idea is to get the horse’s attention without upsetting him.  (Sounds like a good idea to me…)

This diagram shows the unique design of the Spursuaders


Anyway, I don’t use spurs right now, but if I need a pair, I know I would try these.

You can purchase the English or Western design.  They are made in Canada however there are a few stores in the US that carry them if you’d like to check them out physically.  You can search for retail outlets via this link on the website.  Or, Spursuader does have an online store which you can access by clicking this link.  Easy!

Solid concept... I like it!



I saw an ad for the Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup in the back of Trail Rider Magazine.  I clipped it to research at a later date.  That later date was this morning!

After reading online, I learned that the Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup developer designed these after being dragged…  I think if you survive being dragged, maybe part of your mental rehab is to ‘fix’ that sort of thing for others in the future.

The Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup is the result of his recovery process.

Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup (no affiliation)

So, basically, this safety stirrup is the same idea as the English safety stirrup with the rubber band on one side – except this stirrup has covered that rubber band side with a Western leather keeper.  And, of course, the stirrup itself is styled in a Western fashion.

I like the design.  For me, English or Western, I think this footpad is just the right size, not too large and not too skinny.  I couldn’t find the actual measurements of the footpad, but from the online photos, it looks right.

Being cast aluminum is a huge plus.  The less weight on the saddle, the better!  I also like that you can personalize the keeper to have your initials or your horse’s initials or whatever you want…  You also get to pick the leather color, concha and corner design.  Cool!

Here is the website!  Let me know if you purchase a pair!


This is the 'safety' part that is underneath the keeper.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

A Deal, the Deal of the Day and the Spursuader!

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 | Filed under Handy Tips

I love deals!  I also love Clearances, Deals of the Day and Grab Bags!

I have no idea why I’m like this… but I will spend $5 on a Mystery Grab Bag before I will spend $5 on a known piece of something I don’t need and will never use.  After all, how often are Grab Bags really something you’ll ever use?  Usually the Grab Bag is an assortment of things they couldn’t sell…  I know this, for heaven’s sake, I used to have a store!

But, it gets me every time.  And so do those 9 letters, C-L-E-A-R-A-N-C-E.  If I go to a website, I read the Clearance items first.  If they have a DEAL OF THE DAY, I immediately click that and start to hyperventilate.  And, DOUBLE BONUS, if they have a cheap enough Grab Bag, I’m sweating and panting!

But first, let’s speak about a product that isn’t in a Grab Bag or on Clearance or a Deal of the Day – however, it may just be a deal of the day if it works for you.  Here goes:


Now, I have never used this item.  I have never used spurs, period.  My horses are usually ready to catapult into the heavens as it is… the LAST thing I need are spurs.  However, I know that many of you use them.  I see them often. And, actually, I like the sound they make when people who are wearing them are also walking around.

So, I guess I have to say that this isn’t an endorsement, just a “Hey, did you know about these and do you think they might work for you” kind of thing.

Even though I don’t use spurs, I have thought about them.


Spurs are supposed to work by rolling the spur up and down the side of the horse to remind him that you are using that leg on him for a reason.  Well, what started as a slight ankle action moved into a larger leg action which made way for an easier “just poke the horse” actions that you see often.

That wasn’t the original idea.  Spurs weren’t made to poke the horse.  So, even though the motion of how many people use the spurs has changed, the design hasn’t.  Therefore, you have these spikey rollers which don’t get to roll but instead just spike.

(You see, the roller spike severity changed according to how you rolled them, not according to how you poked them…)

Sadly, nowadays, the spur can be used in a way it was never intended and that action creates fear and “I’m outta here if you do that to me” action.  I’ve seen it.  I’m sure you have, too.

(And, to be even more historical, a fancy, wheeled and spiked spur, like we see all around, is supposed to be used by finished riders.)


So, this dressage coach noticed that the spur thing was not happening with her students the way they were supposed to work.  Basically, it is easier to poke instead of roll and when teaching or coaching, poking probably didn’t help.

This woman designed a round disk that ends the poking.   Sounds so simple.  One of those, “I wish I woulda thought of that…” type of forehead slapping.


Her philosophy works for me.  I like that she created these so the horse would not be jarred or scarred by inconsistent riders.

Here is her website if you’d like to check them out.  There are magazine reviews and testimonials.

(break and pause. – sip your coffee/beverage of choice)


I got this in the mail and I wanted to pass it onward.  I bought these last year because I was often wrapping my mare’s foot.  Vet wrap was too expensive, even on Ebay.  And then (on Ebay) I found this.  So, I tried it.

Man o Man, for the price, I got a screamin’ deal!  I still have a few rolls left and I love that I always know it is around…  I used it to keep loose boots on a horse, I use it to wrap feet and I use it for anything I need to because it is affordable.

It comes from a company called Med Vet.  They sell medical supplies for veterinarians.

For this cohesive tape deal, you have to take whatever color they give you and the rolls are not as long as vet wrap, but heck, those extra pieces of left over vet-wrap don’t really do anything anyway.  I think these are the perfect size to make one good wrap.

I’ve attached a photo of the Ad which came to me in the mail yesterday (ignore the bad photo, it is a new ad).  Make sure to call and say “AD CODE: E-COH”.  I didn’t see this particular ad on the website so I think you have to call.  800-544-7521

Anyway, the website has lots of veterinary medical supplies.  You might want to check it out for other stuff.  Right now they have a big sale on syringes, too.

Good Luck!


Do you ever go to Jeffers Equine?  I never had either.  But, somehow, I think I was looking for the best price on wormer, I found them.

I like that they often have the cheapest shipping or no shipping at all.  But the best thing for me is the DEAL OF THE DAY!  I just happened to click on the day they had “yearly worming packs” on sale.  Each pack had 3 Ivermectrin and 3 Strongid-type pastes for CHEAP.  So, I purchased 3 boxes and got 9 of each wormer for less than what 9 of one would cost!  I was thrilled!  The bargain hunter in me began whooping!


That particular wormer deal isn’t there today as I write this.  Boo Hoo.  However, they do have many wormer ‘deals of the day’ right now.  So, check it out.  After all, this is worming season.  Your horses are probably starting to rub their tails as we speak.  So, check out the site and you will see the DEAL OF THE DAY in the left hand column.  Click it and begin your hunting!


Jeffers participates in iGive.com.  So, if you register at iGive.com and select your charity, they will automatically take a small percentage of each sale and donate it.  Very simple!  Thanks to Casey from THE GOLDEN CARROT, for pointing out this wonderful feature!


Here is the link for Horsemen’s Lab, if you want to do a cheap and easy fecal check.

(And, I know I’ll get emails so I’ll just say here, personally, I don’t favor feed-through wormers.  That topic is for another post.)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!
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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!