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Omega Alpha Para-X (Natural Wormer) Test Results!


First off, I wanted to say that I have no affiliation with Omega Alpha.  I just like their products (love the Anti-Flam!) so they sometimes send new products for me to test.

A while back I told you that I had begun treating (testing) some of my horses with Omega Alpha’s Para-X (Intestinal Cleansing/Wormer).  The premise behind this product is that instead of using a chemical to kill the worms, make the environment not suitable for the worms and have the parasites leave on their own.

Sounded good.  Besides, it has always bugged me to infuse my horses with pesticides in order to kill the worms.  I know this method has been tested and it works, but I’d rather use a natural way, if possible.  Omega Alpha products are all natural formulations.

I had enough doses of Para-X to experiment with two of my horses.  I chose Tess and Wrigley because they don’t share and they eat together.  If they shared with each other, it would be fine since both were getting the doses.

The plan was to give it for 5 days, stop the dose for 5 days and then give it again for the next 5 days – as directed.  So, that is what I did.

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I’ve spoken about Horsemen’s Lab previously (here is the link).

Horsemen’s Lab makes it easy to test your horse for worms…  You send them money according to how many horses you want to test (all info on the website) and they send you a little kit.  You scoop a tiny amount of fresh manure into the little container and send it back in their self-addressed pre-stamped envelope.  In a few days, they email you the results.  Easy and inexpensive.  Here is their link.

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Anyway, after the trial, I scooped manure from Tess and Wrigley packed it up – as well as a sample each from Norma, Slick and Dodger (indicated as “Pony” on the statement).  I figured I needed to test them as I wanted to try it on them next…

As you can see, Tess and Wrigley (who had been treated with the Para-X) had NO WORMS.  This was astounding to me!  It worked.  The natural method worked!

And, as you can see by the lab slip, the ponies were loaded with worms – coming off of a very long and hot summer.  Ugh.  Since I was very upset and appalled at the number of gross worms in their guts, I didn’t want to wait to order any more Para-X.  I gave them all Strongid immediately.  Of course, that worked as well.

But, the best news here is that the Para-X did the job naturally without chemicals!

Omega Alpha suggests keeping your horses on a program of natural worming every 3 months so that the worms don’t have a chance to catch hold like they did on the ponies.  Yikes!


This is my actual test result document. As you can see, Tess and Wrigley were worm-free after the Para-X. The ponies were not treated and had tons of worms. I treated them immediately after receiving these results.



If you’d like to try it, email or call Omega Alpha and they will tell you where to purchase it in your area.

Toll free: 1-800-651-3172

Let me know your results!!!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!