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A Newsy Sunday… Scribbles, Grace, Horse down a well, Deals… Read on!

Sunday, October 10th, 2010 | Filed under Handy Tips

I had a bunch of bits and pieces to share today so I decided to put them all together for a hodgepodge (for any of you Project Runway fans, this is a word Heidi Klum stumbles over often…) of newsy items.


Wow.  That was a mouthful…

The final donation for our September Drop in the Bucket Fund has cleared!  So, we donated the last $50 to Darla at Strawberry Mountain Mustangs.  Here is the receipt.

And, we received a kind note from Darla on the HORSE AND MAN FaceBook page.  Speaking of FB, have you seen Social Network?  Awesome.  Make sure to rent it if you can’t make it to the theater.  Anyway, here is the note from Darla:

Dawn, thank you and your readers so much for the donation to SMM and Grace. Those much needed funds will help us continue to care for Grace and the others here, and the dozens more on a waiting list to come in. Some days it seems our work never ends, but when everyone pitches in, the burden becomes a little less on all of us. THANK YOU! Team Grace

Darla also sent us a new video of Grace!  Just click on the image and you can watch her roll with her new buddy, Ginger!  Grace is doing well and continues to thrive under Darla’s watch.

Click to see Grace's newest video!


Scribbles is the poor mare who was hit by a tree…  You can read her blog post here.

You readers are AWESOME!  The vet clinic told me that you called with your credit cards in hand and that you also sent in checks.  How wonderful of you!  And, I know that many of you included Scribbles in your daily prayers to whichever horsegod you subscribe.  I know I did and continue to hold hope for poor Scribbles!

Click to read Scribbles daily blog!

Well, Scribbles’ owner has set up a daily blog so that you can follow along.  Here is the link. Her surgery is tomorrow, Monday.  Thank you all again, for being generous with your spirit and with your extra funds.  I will follow this as well.


This story comes from Calaveras in CA.  Sorta near me, actually.  Anyway, it was a haunt of Mark Twain’s, when he was still around…

So, the story is reminiscent of Baby Jessica except this well was much larger.  And dry…  In fact, it looks like a square grave, really.  They don’t tell you anything about the well or why the horses were near a big, deep hole.  Hmmmm.

Click image to watch the video of Lilly's rescue

But, I guess what we should focus on is the surge of help from the local townsfolk.  Everyone rallied around poor Lilly and brought her to safety.  Happy endings always make for a good story!

I sure hope to criminy sakes that those horses are put back in a safe enclosure, or the fence is fixed or the hole is covered or whatever needs to happen to make sure this goof doesn’t happen again.  Poor girl.  It is a wonder she survived that fall with no injuries.


So I was looking over my WHIA Conference materials yet again … and I noticed an ad for MOXIE EQUESTRIAN.  So, I went to the website to check it out.  Moxie is stamped, “certified female-owned and operated”.  As an aside, how do they certify that?  I mean (chortle) does some team come and make you strip and confirm this — and then watch you take phone orders?  Anyway…

Click on the image to see the Bargain Barn Chaps!

As I was on the website, I noted several really nice and fancy items that I couldn’t afford.  However, the “Bargain Barn” caught my eye.  Of course I clicked on it and found these for $18.  Now, I know nothing about these half chaps.  But, they looked like a really good deal.  So, I’m playing it forward.

I did go to the regular priced half-chaps so I could read about these chaps and figure sizes.  While there, they had a link to the description video on You Tube.  OK, I ask you, do you say it “shaps” or “chaps” as in Chap-stick?  I have always thought it was “shaps”.  But, on the video they say “chaps”.  Dunno.

Click to watch the controversial "shaps" vs "chaps" video

In any event, the half-chaps appear to be a very good price, if you are looking for something like this.  I didn’t check on shipping costs.


So a while back, I wrote about home-made horse toys.  Here is the link.  Anyway, one of you readers sent a photo of her horses enjoying her modification of one of the ideas suggested.  Basically, she cut a few holes in a vinegar gallon jug (like a milk jug but a bit more substantial), fit in some carrots, got some hay twine and hung it from a tree.  Easy!  The horses were busy for hours!

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The October Bucket Fund will benefit Honey Bandit, the most neglected BLM mustang baby who is struggling to survive.  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate to this incredible foal,  please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

Click to help poor baby Honey Bandit, the sickest little BLM colt.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!