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Friday, August 3rd, 2012 | Filed under Handy Tips

I am a big fan of gelding colts.

There are so many horses out there without homes, unless your stallion is really passing on some rare and valuable genetic material – which are actually creating sales… it is better for the horse and the horse community in general to geld most of the boys.

I know, I know, sometimes proper gelding can feel expensive – especially if your entire foal crop ended up colts!  The bad part about that is sometimes people wait and then the colts grow up and become unmanageable/less attractive to buyers.

I understand.

But for me, I say…

Just get it done!


One very reputable gelding sponsor with wonderful veterinarian teams in California and Washington is NERN (National Equine Resources Network – 501(c)(3) non-profit organization).

I have watched NERN sponsored gelding clinics first hand and was very impressed.

So, pass the word!  If you know of any people who could benefit from low cost gelding clinics, please pass this post around!

And, if you’d like to support gelding clinics or would like to host a clinic in your state, NERN will answer your questions!  Their goal is to take their Gelding Clinic ‘tried and true’ formula and spread it across the country.

NERN CONTACT INFO:  nationalequine@gmail.com,  760-419-2462, FB LINK

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My donkey Norma had a horrible bout with laminitis a few months ago.

Yes, she is overweight.  Yes, she tested positive for Cushings.  Yes, she is Insulin Resistant.  She wears a muzzle when grazing.

Norma should be on a dry lot for the rest of her life – except that makes both she and I sad… however, laminitis is worse than sadness.

So, as Norma was healing from the last bout, you readers told me about HEIRO.

I read all the literature and was pleased to know that the idea behind it was to ‘get the horses back out on pasture’!

I liked that.

I called the company and they sent a trial tub for me to use on Norma.

However, they asked that I test her insulin levels and test for Cushings before I started her – so we could compare results after 8 weeks.

I did.  I gave Norma a huge dose of sugar in the form of Karo Syrup.  She loved it.  And then we drove her down to the equine hospital that could handle her blood correctly and send it off to Cornell for testing.

I wrote about that day here.


Well, Norma hated that trailer ride.

In hindsight, I should have let a buddy go with her.  I didn’t know she would hate it so much.

But, she did.

So, when I tried to get her back in the trailer for the test after 8 weeks of daily Heiro, Norma said, “Absolutely NOT”.

She would not go into the trailer.  At all.

Nope.  Not gonna.  Uh uh.  Nada.  No dice.  Seeya later.  This is me leaving.  Not on your life.  In your dreams.  Buh-bye.

Since the sugar test was time sensitive, I could not figure out a way to get the blood from my ranch to the hospital in time.

So, we didn’t do the comparison test.

I’ve let the company that manufactures HEIRO down.

This is Norma Jean, my donkey. Click image to go to her FB page.

HEIRO – Cornell thinks it works!

But, I can tell you this…

Norma ate it easily on her food.  She has been out on pasture (mostly dry) for two months now without incident.

And, most of all, when I called Cornell to ask about the product before I did the initial testing, the DR who answered my call told me that she definitely thought it worked.  She said that they see all the Heiro IR/Cushings tests coming in and have found that almost every 2nd test has huge changes in the blood sugar levels.  The DR I spoke with told me that since they hadn’t been controlling the tests, she couldn’t say this ‘on the record’.

Most importantly, she said that if her horse was Insulin Resistant, she would put her horse on Heiro.

I asked her if she had any affiliation with Heiro and she said NO.  She just reiterated that she sees all the tests and really feels there is a huge improvement after 8 weeks of use.

So, there you have it.  The DR who reads the ‘before and after’ tests believes that Heiro works.

I am guessing that is why so many of you readers told me to go out and get some!

If you want to try Heiro (no affiliation), click here to go to the website.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!