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Sundays are good shopping days, don’t you think?!

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 | Filed under Handy Tips

Hubby and I are back from our lovely Brokeneck Mountain excursion.  In case you missed it, Hubby fell off his mountain bike badly and hit his helmeted head on the boulders of Moab, Utah.

He was very lucky.  Surgery fixed the worst parts and the others will heal.

We got home yesterday.

Both of us are really, really wiped.

But, this morning I looked out the window and there were 11 horsey faces begging me to come out and play.

So, I did, sort-of.


Being fried, I knew it wasn’t the best idea to do anything new or exotic, so I just spit-shined everyone and made sure they didn’t have any gaping wounds.

Here is the gate that I tied back up. I'm on Rojo's side. The arrow is over Norma's head who is eating with her buddies...

Remi demanded a bit more attention and she go it – even though I kinda think she helped Norma break-out of the pasture she was sharing with the new horse, Rojo.  Yup… when we arrived home, Norma was still in with Rojo, keeping him company.  I told her what a good sport she had been to help him through his first week and she did make it quite clear that she wanted back in with her homies across the fenceline.

I didn’t oblige.

A few hours later, Norma was back in her homie pasture with Remi and the Shetlands.

The gate was hanging by its latch.  The hinges were cleanly slipped.  Rojo was looking bewildered.

I’m not sure, but I think the donkey persuaded the older Mustang (and most powerful mare on the ranch) to spring her.  Remi’s face had a few dings on it and she is really the only one tall enough, strong enough and smart enough to so masterfully disengage the gate from its setting.


So, when I was out grooming today, Remi beckoned to me…

Remi:  Hey, my turn.

Me:  I’ll get there

Remi:  Uhhh.  See that gate?

Me:  Yup

Remi:  I could do that any day of the week… I’ve only not done it because I love you and I know you love me because of those awesome rubdowns you give me.

Me:  And…

Remi:  So, groom me and I will remember that you love me…

Me:  OK.  Sounds like a fair blackmail to me

I caved and gave her a huge massagy rubdown.  She loved it.

I’m guessing the gate will remain up for a while…


I wanted to reacquaint myself with Poco Rojo (Little Red), the Mustang I adopted and brought home a few days before Hubby’s accident.  This morning, Red was a bit leery of me and was turning away when I entered his pen.

I needed to establish a rapport again.

What better way than to go grazing together?!  He could graze on grass and I could graze on a nice catalog.

So, I released him into the uppermost paddock where the grass is beginning to reemerge.  I sat on a rock and chatted about all the things we could purchase from the catalog I had just received and carried up there.  It was the Hoofprints Holiday Edition.

Like a good buddy, Red pretended to listen and remained within a body length from me while I regaled him with all the Christmas items listed.  I don’t think he was really into shopping, but like a true gentleman, he obliged me.  The best part was that he kept his face bent towards me.


Anyway, here are some highlights of our research…

This is Rojo... notice him walking away from me... Hmmmm. We needed to spend some time together.


First of all, they are online so you can go there and shop for yourselves.  Here is the link.

What I like about this catalog is that it was started for farriers (where a farrier could purchase equipment, forms, business cards…) and has evolved into a no-nonsense cool horsey stuff catalog.  Usually, what you find in here you cannot get everywhere.  I like that.  And the owner, Gina, writes the reviews herself so you can blame her if you don’t like a product (just kidding).   But you know what I mean – she has picked all the items herself.  That is a very nice touch.


They have MANY Christmas cards! I loved this one... but I loved a lot of them.. This is the place to get your horsey Holiday cards! Click to go to this page - but you should browse the rest!


Everyone needs a 2012 calendar! This one is close to my heart with before/after photos of rescued auction horses. Yahoo! Love it! Great photos and great stories. Click to order!


THIS IS ON CLOSEOUT!! I love a great deal and this book has been on my list! Click to go to closeout page.


This book looked great to me! A picture book with stories! Click here to go to the book page.


I thought this was unique and a great idea. Sympathy cards specific to equines. All of the cards have lovely verses. You can click here and go to that page to read the verses.


This made me laugh out loud so I put it in here. Click to see more mule prints.


I thought these gloves looked awesome! Click here.


We love Sweetbird Studios! Even though I have witten about both of these pendants previously, they are still favs of mine. Click here to see.



Thank you for enduring the same chatter as poor Rojo.  However, the catalog does have lots of fun stuff so please take a gander.  NO AFFILIATION!  I am just sharing.



Equi-Spa, one of my very favorites, is having a buy 2 get the third FREE!!  And, shipping is always the same low price!

Time to stock up!

So, here are what they are offering with the 3rd one free:

–THE BALM (which is THE BOMB!!  LOVE IT!  I use it on all cuts.  In fact, it healed my eyebrow wonderfully!  It also keeps flies off tender faces.)  click here


–SHOWCOAT CONDITIONER (this is a ‘leave-in’ conditioner – yay!):  click here

–NOT SO SWEET ITCH GEL (I use the gel form all time for hot spots and itchy tails):  click here

*shipping fees are donated to the BUCKET FUND!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

Ralph Neighder 2.5… An update on products and then one more!

I wanted to give you all some feedback about some products I’ve discussed before.


OK, I’ve hollered from mountain tops about this stuff.  It is incredible.  It cures canker.  It is really, really messy.

Liquid purple gold!

This product is not on the market yet.  So, you can really only get it if you have a severe case and are willing to document it with photos so CoCo (Master Farrier) can use it in his support paperwork.  However, I have known him to send out some Purple Mush for damsels in distress without even asking them for before/after photos.  So, give it a try if your horse has canker.  Here is my original post about the Purple Mush.

Basically, my horse suffered for a year.  I did everything all the specialists told me to do.  And, just as we had given up and were ready to put her down, someone told me about CoCo and Well-Horse and the Purple Mush.

Within two weeks of applying the Purple Mush, her canker was GONE.  Gone.  Totally gone.  Unbelievable.  This stuff is purple gold.

Go to the Well-Horse website and email/call them if you need help with canker.  (The Purple Mush is not on the site so you have to specifically ask for the PURPLE MUSH.)


Last week I wrote about a very poor, sick, skinny mare with a great will to live, Grace.  Here is her photo.  Sad.

Grace needed non-toxic fly spray and salve

But, the good news is the wonderful people at Equi-Spa read the blog post about Grace and sent Strawberry Mountain Mustangs, the people caring for Grace, a “care package”.  Equi-Spa did this because Darla from SMM mentioned that the flies were really heavy around Grace but she didn’t want to use any chemicals near her because she was so weak.  Darla also mentioned that Grace had many sores and bad skin…

Equi-Spa jumped into action because their fly spray is all natural and totally non-toxic.  And, their THE BALM is a wonderful salve that they thought would help Grace.

I wrote how I feel about THE BALM in this post.  I love it.

Anyway, I just received an email from Darla.  She had received the Equi-Spa fly spray and THE BALM.  Both seem to be working wonderfully!  Here is Darla’s email to me:

“Now the EquiSpa products?! OMG.  LOVEEEEE them.  The fly spray is incredible. And it smells so yummy I want to marinate in it. In fact, I did spray my legs the other day.  I have the salve all along Grace’s spine where it was cracked and bleeding, and on her hocks where she scuffs herself when she gets up and down.  NO flies. It’s awesome.”

So, I’m not kidding when I say that you should go to the Equi-Spa site and get whatever you need.  You will love the products.  And, I’m not affiliated — wish I was…


Wrigley modeling the fly mask

Now, I know there are many Cashel fans out there.  I love their fly masks, too.  But, they can be expensive so I vote this fly mask as my new favorite.  It is made by Brookside and you can get them, fairly inexpensively, from Valley Vet.  You can click here.

I did my huge fly mask review at the beginning of fly season this year.   I still think this is the best one for the money.  No, it has no forelock hole and it is a bit short for those of you who like longer nose cover…  But, all 6 that I bought several months ago have lasted all season.   The velcro is still on and they are in really good shape after several washings.  I think they are far and a way the best fly masks that I have purchased in a very long time!

Wrig is here modeling his which is old and worn but you’d never know since they hold up so well.


It is supposed to look better than this but I'm lousy at it...

This is the velcro temporary boot that I fought with earlier this year.  The velcro closures are so flipping strong that I can hardly undo whatever I do, if you know what I mean.   So, if I accidentily attach #1 to #6 instead of #1 to #2,  I have to call the Fire Department to undo it.

But, the more I work with it, the more I think it is a great little item.  I have been using it on dry ground for my mare with the canker.  I have to wrap her foot with vet wrap every day and this boot really makes it easy to turn her out.

Truth to tell, I have two of the tabs permanently stuck to each other in the wrong way.  I swear, I cannot undo them.  But, it doesn’t really matter.  There is so much velcro and so many ways to stick one part to another, I can slap it on there and she’s good to go.  So far, she hasn’t been able to undo it either.  I think it is a good boot for minor applications or for getting you off the trail and back to the trailer.

You can get it at Valley Vet as well.  Here is the link.


Click on this to make it bigger - it is the ad for the product

The reason I’m writing about this is because even though I haven’t tried this exact item, I know it will work.  Why?  Well, because my fabulous vet used to give me his used IV fluid bags for me to use to soak Tess’ foot.  It worked GREAT!  I could use them over and over.  They are made of thicker plastic that won’t break easily.  And, they were a snap to clean.

Today, this product ad showed up in my inbox.  Well, I know exactly what this is!  Why didn’t I think of it?!  Anyway, I’m sure it is a good idea and I’m sure it will work for you.

If any of you try it, please let me know.  Here is the website.  You get 4 soaking boots for $34 with shipping.


Click on image for video

If you haven’t seen this, it is good for a giggle!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!
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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!