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Supplement Trial Update! Enzion, Minereq and Not So Sweet Itch.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 | Filed under Handy Tips

Today is Supplement Update Day!  (I have no affiliation with any products.)


As you may remember, about a month ago I noticed some severe chipping and splitting in Sam’s hooves.

Since Sam is wild, I cannot inspect her feet, but I can help her out via her favorite thing – food.

Sam's cracked hooves from the day I started the trial with Minereq

So, I decided to try MINEREQ from Omega Alpha.

(They send me a new products to try and I happened to have this one on the shelf just waiting a guinea pig!  There are no kick-backs for my reviews.)

You can click the image to go to the Minereq page at Big Dee

Minereq is supposed to help with feet as well as adding supplements needed when your hay is not up to snuff.

Here is a description:


My trial was to put a 3/4 scoop (she’s a very small mare) on her pellets every morning for at least a month.

On the first day, I was a bit nervous as it looked like I was pouring ugh all over her grain.  The powder is white and doesn’t smell ‘horsey’.  So, I added water and stirred it up to make sure it was palatable.

To my surprise, she ate it all, no issues!  (I should have known that a great company like Omega Alpha would think of taste…)

So, Sam received the Minereq every day for a little over a month.

Of course, the hoof has to grow out to see the difference, but obviously, it is making a difference!  Also, her coat looks wonderful!  I mean, I thought she was shiny before but this gal is fat, shiny and happy like crazy!

Sam's feet today...

I’ve been happy with all of the Omega Alpha products I’ve tried so far!  I LOOOVE Anti-Flam (for inflammation and laminitis), Sinew-X (for arthritis and muscle soreness), Respi-Free (for allergy and breathing issues) and Biotic 8 (stomach, digestion and weight gain).  All GREAT products!  Now I can add this one to the list!

Here are the ingredients:



If you want to try Minereq, you can order it from Big Dee.  Here is the link



I also love the Enzion company.  They are small and only make a few products but all the products are WONDERFUL.  I have been using the Equion for years and my trainers ask me my ‘secret’.  I always tell them, EQUION!


Love this stuff - been using it for 20 years. No frills but it works!!

Anyway, Enzion was having a sale on their hoof supplement, which I had never tried.  So, I decided to give it a go.

Finn has soft and narrow feet.  BG has good feet.  Wrigley has chippy feet.

I chose these three horses for the trial because they are all in the same pasture and could share each other’s food – which they do anyway.

So I orderd the Enzion Hoof Supplement and it came almost immediately – another good thing about the company. –

I opened the huge pail and what wafted up into my nostrils reminded me of my childhood.  CoCo Puffs!  I swear!  It’s fragrance is kind-of nutty and chocolatey.  I wanted to eat it!

Anyway, I put it on their feed for a month.

Silly me neglected to take photos of their ‘before’ hooves.  Dang it.

But, it doesn’t take a ‘before’ photo to show you the PERFECT feet that they all have now.  (Finn and BG are an almost identical brother and sister pair.  These pics are of different horses, take my word for it…  <smile>)


Finn's feet have always been soft and chippy. Look at them now! Finn rides in boots.

BG's feet now - perfect! I ride her barefoot.


Wrig's feet look great, too! He runs all over his rocky pasture!

Pretty amazing, eh?

Again, Enzion has great products!  I use the Equion daily with my show horses, too.

Check out their no-frills website.  To me, they have a simple label, simple packaging and two kick-arse products.

No frills packaging but a very effective product! Click to order the amazing hoof supplement!



I use Equi-Spa products all the time.  As you know, I looove THE BALM, the Peppermint Protection Spray and I douse Norma’s grazing muzzle with the Lavender wash which she loves.  All my horses want to eat the Equi-Spa products…

This month, they have the Not-So-Sweet Itch on sale.

Do you have this rat’s nest on your horse’s tail head?

Tess' tail. I HATE when she does this.

This is Tess’ tail.  She did this last week.  I absolutely hate it when she rubs.  It isn’t because she has worms, which she doesn’t.  It isn’t because her udder is dirty, which it isn’t.

She does it because it feels good.  Arrgh.

A while back, Equi-Spa sent some Not-So-Sweet-Itch gel for me to try.

To be honest, I was skeptical since they all rub during the really hot months.  But, I tried it anyway.

I worked!  I couldn’t believe it!  The rubbing stopped.

No more rub!

You have to use it daily – obviously I skipped Tess for about a week – but during these summer months, you won’t go outside to find your horse’s gorgeous tail RUINED!

I also have a bottle in my trailer.  I find that it helps keep the horseflies off of the end of my horse during rides.

I also put it on Wrigley’s mane because he itches it often and it breaks off.  (He doesn’t have mites.)

Here is the information on the sale.  You can click on the image to go to the site for the sale – and purchase any of the great products!  Or, click here.

Click here to go to the sale!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!