THE ECLIPSE! A NEW BABY IS BORN AND … maybe you shouldn’t buy the Horse.com sale flymasks…

Well, today was the eclipse.

Did you see it?

Luckily, I had my engineer hubby here to tell me how to actually see it…  I mean, you couldn’t look at the sun (duh!) but there were ways to trick yourself into seeing it.  I had no idea what those were but Hubby was all over it.

Luckily, at exactly the bewitching hour, we were in a parking lot of a local restaurant.

Hubby quickly formed his hands into a patchwork (fingers crossing) and said, “LOOK, THE ECLIPSE!”

Then I tried to do the same and failed miserably.

So, Hubby ran back to the car and got some paper.  He cut out a pinhole in one paper and put another piece on the ground against the parking concert bumper thing.  He held the pinholed paper high up against the sun.    The sunlight that shone through the pinhole projected onto the paper on the ground a few feet away (against the concrete).  It clearly showed the way the moon was eclipsing the sun.

Very cool…  I took this pic.

Hubby was holding a piece of paper with a circle hole in it. The sun shown through it onto the white paper on the ground to reveal how the moon was in front of the sun.



OK, so a few days ago I told you about the Defender HORSE.COM flymasks on sale for $9.99 each.  I bought 5… I thought they were the regular Defender fly masks that I had purchased previously.  Ahem…

They aren’t.

They are kinda like those knockoffs that you don’t realize is a knockoff until you say, “Hey, is that how they spell it?  Wait a minute… something isn’t right here…!”

Yup.  They aren’t the true Defenders.  I don’t know what they are (because they have the same name), but they don’t fit horse head ears.  Maybe Llamas, but not horse noggins.

To be clear, my horses have average horse heads.  I mean, it isn’t as if I run a Draft farm here.  And after placing all 5 flymasks on 5 horses here and having all of them look at me as if I was insane~

Me:  Look, Mom got a cool deal on fly masks!  Isn’t this great?!

Them:  Sure, if you like your shoes two sizes too small… this is ridiculous!  These are CRAP!  If we move our ears they ride up!  Where’s a tree?  These things are coming O-F-F!

In about 5 minutes, most of the masks were askew or only on one ear.  Yup, they immediately started rubbing to get rid of the irritating fabric that was pinching them.


I spent about 20 minutes engineering the proper fix.  First, I took Bodhi’s mask (the X-tra Large – not) and cut a dart by one ear.  It kinda worked but it was too far forward.  So, I cut the other ear farther back. It fits now but it isn’t right…  He doesn’t care and the flies cannot get inside his face.  But, it looks kinda goofy.

I then cut all the others on each side of the earhole, back from center.

Most of them fit fairly well now.  But, I wouldn’t advise any of you to purchase them.  Spend a bit more and get proper fly masks made for regular horse faces.  (I get the feeling that these masks were not made in the USA…)

Obviously it fits this horse... but not my horses...




A reader sent this video to me and I had to pass it onward.  Amazing!  I know this isn’t a horse, but Spring is here and this is something you don’t see everyday…

Here is the link to the movie of the event!!

A foot emerges!


The body follows...


A long drop to the ground


Is the baby alive?! (Mom has nicely trimmed hooves...)




Nice. Mother Nature at her best.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!