Today, I work!  (Make sure to scroll down to read about our October Bucket Fund horse!)


Somewhere in Italy…

Yes, I could do this for a few nights…

Gorgeous wild ones



More gorgeous.


I love this.

I wonder what kind of cat this is… snow cat of some type?

Wild horses – so beautiful.

A dark barn owl

These are beautiful and very scary to me.

Adorable. He said he wanted to be a professional donkey showman when he grows up.

Halloween is coming!

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  1. Calvin48

    Yes, this is a Pallas Cat. They live at high elevations across Asia. They are small (around six pounds) and are truly fierce hunters. There is nothing domesticated about them. “ Nature“ on PBS ran a show a couple years ago about animals living in difficult environments, one of which was the Pallas Cat.

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