There are a bunch of events in town today… but I think I might buy and plant a few young trees.  Not sure.  I’m having trouble deciding where I want to plant the trees because I haven’t decided where I want my mini barn/grooming/farrier/sick bay shelter to be placed… and trees are permanent.

But, it is very fun to create a new way of being with my horses, so it is a fun challenge!


Reminds me of a better version of the decks on my house in Oregon. I love decking.

Probably photoshopped, but gorgeous

Who wore it better?

Yup. It rained today. My horses look like this again.

Does anyone know the artist of this one?

Sweet Mammoth Mule.


Love this.


This was sent to me as a photo of a dwarf calf who was born recently, but all I could see was the photobomber cow!

Orphaned warthog.

I bet that tongue is rough.

Gorgeous baby.

Agreed. I love Spring!

THE APRIL BUCKET FUND KICKED OFF for sweet, baby Barbara!  She has operable wry-mouth and needs transportation funds to get to reach the specialist to perform her surgery in Tennessee.  You can read Barbara’s story here!

We have a great start, but we still need $2750 for transportation.  Can you help us get her to her life saving surgery?!  Click here to donate!

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