Saturdays are PhoBlog days!

Today I will probably work all morning and then maybe see a movie with the fam.  There are so many new movies this weekend!  I love Robert Downey JR so I may have to see the Avengers.  Dunno.  There are a few I want to see…



SO COOL! A peacock in flight!

Looks familiar somehow...

It is important for your donk to wear a hat while driving...

This is her jockey, Calvin Borel, with Rachel Alexandra who came to visit the new Mom this week...

I love stories like this!

Great old shot!

So cute!


Sweet. I love the face on the older dog!

Baby Rhinos and baby hippos always get me.

According to the photographer (Ghost Dance Photography), the little girl was sitting there and the pony inched his way over and put his head on the table...

I wonder if this was Photoshopped?...

Such unusual creatures. How do they not break their necks? If I had a neck like that, I'd fall and break it, I know it!

My fav of the week. Gotta love equine babies! (That's a zedonk, by the way...)

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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