Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Mostly donkeys and a Petey thrown in!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!  Today I seem to have mostly donkeys.  But, I love donkeys so unfortunately, you get stuck with them too, sometimes…!

Today it is cold outside.  I’m going to spend the day playing with Rojo.


This is my Nomar (Mastiff) and my Dexter (Aussie Kelpie)... But what is that huge thing behind them?


It is this! A huge but beautiful, massive weed in my lawn!!


A large, pink poodle.


Love this!


These are large pieces of furniture over regular sized horses. Wouldn't it be great to build shelters that looked like this?!!


Hee Hee.



Nothing better than a donk hug...


Tall grass or short legs?


Huge eyes!!


Makes a good pillow...




Look at that FACE!


Donkey Sanctuary... if you want a donk, adopt one there! Or, go to this website and ask:


My FAV of the week!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Jane

    I love it when you post donkey pictures! Really like the momma donkey using her baby for a pillow!!! Tooooo cute! I have a little painted donkey, Pokey, and I just love him to pieces. He is a companion to my horse and they are the best of friends AND I have learned so much from this little guy!
    Donkey’s rock!!!!

  2. Linda Horn

    Donkey pics are too cute, although the one from the sanctury is somewhat intimidating. The weed looks like Mullien, which I have in my front yard. It’s interesting when it blooms. Like something from another planet. However, the stalk contains literally thousands of tiny black seeds which spread everywhere. In folk medicine, the new leaves can be used to make a tonic for respiratory ailments like asthma, but you have to carefully strain out the fuzzy parts or they’ll cause irritation. My advice is to dig it out ASAP.

  3. LINDA

    Hi, I j just HAVE to tell you that WEED in your yard is ‘mullein’ and the plant has a long history of use as a medicine, and is an effective treatment for asthma and respiratory disorders. Extracts made from the plant’s flowers are a very effective treatment for ear infections. Although this plant is a recent arrival to North America, Native Americans used the ground seeds of this plant as a paralytic fish poison due to their high levels of rotenone. One species, Verbascum thapsus (Great mullein), is used as a herbal remedy for sore throat, cough, and lung diseases.

    Read more:

    It used to be common along roadsides as were many other wild flowers and herbs until the D.O.Tl poisoned them or mowed them until they couldn’t reseed themselves.

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