Saturday is PhoBlog Day…

Today I am going to catch up on my work (blech) and this afternoon we are going to a nearby (gorgeous) vineyard where our recovering daughter can sit outdoors in the shade with a nice breeze.  We’ll have a picnic and then ferry her back to her bed.  Actually, she has taken over SD1’s bed, much to SD2’s delight, because that bed is primo!


Look closely…


Gorgeous mutated feathers of this peacock!


This was passed around last week…


So interesting… A Zedonk family.


This must have been scary and fun for them – the streets of NY on horseback! I wonder who the horses were?…


Great shot!


Camel love…






Love this!


A cat beard.

Nice to meetcha.




My Fav of the week… this is the girl who works at the local redux tack shop. Her horse has paralysis of the lip and he always looks like he’s smiling. He’s happy and healthy and they look really sweet together!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Suzanne

    Of course we know that Harrison Ford rides –and has a spread in Montana (or Wyoming?) where he must have horses, but Letterman too is a horseman and has a place in Montana. I saw one of his shows where he and Madonna rode down the streets of New York and she was in high heels! Not too smart. She took up riding while living in England and suffered a injury from falling off. It’s not that I know all about the stars, but my ears prick up when I hear them talking about horses!

  2. Carole Williams

    The horses in the photo with David Letterman are slaughter house rescues, stoeymwas posted about a year ago?

  3. Izzie

    Fascinating display of chimerism on that peacock!!! I don’t -think- that mutation is one that is caused by environmental factors, if I remember my genetics class last semester…

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